My Personal Assistant Quit

Today I have some sad, sad news. I have mentioned a couple of times how much I love Sandy. She keeps track of my to-do list, reminds me of appointments, elbows me when I’m forgetting to deal with an important email, and so much more. She’s funny, cute, and a necessary part of my day—though she won’t bring me coffee.

Well, she just quit. Her last day is December 8. That’s next week! Maybe I didn’t pay her enough? (She charged me nothing. But I would have paid her; she had only to ask.)

So now I have, and on the short list as replacements. I am also conducting a few other interviews. None of these are Sandy. But each will let me send to-do items via email and remind me to do them via text message or email so I’m getting sorted out and deciding what other features are necessary in a digital personal assistant.

These potentials all have slightly different styles and features of course but none of them have Sandy’s charisma or charm. I suppose that’s why Sandy is going to work for Twitter.

Well, I will miss her but I wish her well.