My New MP3 Player: The Sansa Clip

Sandisk sent me their new itty, bitty MP3 player, the Sansa Clip, a week or so ago and it has become my constant companion. It is absolutely tiny. But it still boasts a bright and readable screen so I know what music I’m listening to.

It is the Clip’s small size combined with the the built-in clip that has transformed it (for me) from merely a cute, functioning, music player that I can easily toss into my purse into a wearable device that I have at the ready for every emergency. My get-ready checklist now goes something like this? Clothes, earings, watch, music player, headphones in pocket.

Once I’m dressed, don’t even know it’s there. At least not until that inevitable moment when I find myself trapped next to an offensive conversation in a waiting room, or awful muzac in the supermarket, or even just noisy kids at home while I’m trying to think. Then my headphones come out and I create a cone of sound I enjoy around me so that I can turn my focus where I need it to be instead of where the wind is blowing.

It’s also pretty great for running.

It works with subscription music services and Audible. It comes in loads of adorable colors. And it’s cheap: $59.95 for the 2-Gig model.

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