Money, Meet Peeps. Peeps, Meet Money

Since I first covered here last year, I have become a devotee. (The video above explains how it works in a nutshell.) This financial site (now owned by Intuit) gathers all my financial transaction from all my accounts, loans, and credit cards into one place so I can see in a glance what’s happening in my entire fiscal universe. Since I set it up, I’ve check in on my money almost as obsessively as I check in with my social networks.  Every day, at least once, I hit Facebook, Twitter, then to see what my peeps and cash are up to.

Not only do I have a budget and a long-term financial plan now but I know instantly when I’m blowing my budget, endangering that plan, or doing something that will positively impact my financial future. It’s fun.

An announcement on Monday, though, is helping bring my peeps and cash together. has announced a social network, forum where I can ask questions and get answers from the folks at or other obessive Mint users like me. The question that has been bothering me since I switched to an Android phone is, “Where’s the Android App!?!!!?” And I got right my answer as soon as I landed in the community. (“On the way!”) I was not the only one with this question. So I didn’t even have to ask it. It had already been asked and answered.

Pretty neat stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Money, Meet Peeps. Peeps, Meet Money

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  2. LOVE the idea. Now, how do I convince The Hubby that our identities won’t be stolen? With one place having access to all of our finances, he’s afraid it would be prime for identity theft and fraud. To me, your recommendation is good as gold, but I want him to feel comfortable, too.
    Thanks for your help, and terrific post!

  3. My daughter turned me on to this a couple of weeks ago, after I started the quicken/intuit program I read about in your article in Family Circle last year. I love it, and it gives me warm fuzzies to know it has your stamp of approval as well! 🙂

  4. BTW – big fan of And heck yeah – glad the Android app is on the way.

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