Marriage, Taxes, and Security Software (I’m giving one of those away)

from Matt Groening's incomparable portrayals of Life in Hell

I just spent an absurd amount of time going through every scrap of my own financial information to file my taxes. It was awful! (But I’m done early for the first time ever! Thank you Mint and TurboTax!)

Every minute I spent on pouring over money spent and forgotten, I was also thinking about ways I’d rather spend my time. Mostly I would rather work on the bazillion writing projects on my to-do list or tackle some other creative projects that were being shunted aside by this drudgery of minutia. But, according to a survey done by Trend Micro, there is very little that people would not rather do than taxes. In fact, the survey found that 15% of people would rather go to the dentist and 10% would rather sit in a traffic jam than prepare their income tax returns. Okay, I’m not sure I hated it quite that much. But I know my husband does. In fact, I know he will never leave me. If he did, he’d have to do his own taxes.

But tax time is also a time when a lot of people (who don’t have a spouse they can rope into this) go online, desperate, and give up financial information to get their taxes done by someone else. And, as I pointed out recently, you definitely want to have up-to-date virus protection before you do that.

Buy virus protection? Do your taxes? What is this, Life in Hell month?

Right, so to help out I’m giving away two one-year licenses of Kaspersky PURE 3.0 virus protection. It’s out in a new version. And here is a rundown from Kasperski on what’s new in this version:

The award-winning technology in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 protects your coveted photos, important documents, passwords, online identity and acts as a security guard for your bank account. PURE 3.0  does all of this and more while not slowing you or your machine down. Some of the new key features found in PURE 3.0 are:

-          NEW – Safe Money: Automatically activates whenever you visit a banking website or online payment services, and includes a variety of anti-keylogging, anti-phishing and identity theft protection tools to keep your bank account and credit card information safe.

-          NEW – Online Password Manager: Stores all of your passwords in a protected vault so you don’t need to remember them and hackers can’t get to them.  New in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 – synchronize your passwords across all your PURE-protected machines.

-          NEW – Parental Controls: Parents can block access to inappropriate websites, set Internet usage time limits, and prevent valuable information, such as addresses or credit card numbers, from being shared with the world through Twitter or Facebook. If a child has their own computer, parents can manage and monitor all these Parental Control settings from their own computer via the central management tool. 

My two lucky winners will get a code to enter to convert the download into a one-year license. That leaves more of your money for shopping.

Here’s how you win: Post a comment below telling us how you would rather spend the time you are giving up to taxes. I need a laugh right now. All this accounting has left me listless and cranky. So I’m not going with a random choice this time. I’m going to choose the two people who make me laugh the hardest. Totally unscientific, right? So? It’s my blog.