Batteries with Less Guilt

While cleaning the house on Saturday, I was stunned at how many used batteries I found under the couch, lurking in corners of the family room, and stashed in the junk drawer (where they eventually mingle with new batteries and make it impossible to quickly find a fresh battery.) The problem? No one in my family likes to throw batteries away. We all know they are bad for the planet. So the kids stash them so that I have to do it. It eases their conscience (though not mine) not to be the one to actually toss them in the trash.

I mention this because I got a press release and some samples of the (pictured) new Fuji Enviro MAX batteries recently. These are disposable batteries but, according to the press release, “They are mercury, lithium, cadmium and PVC-free making them landfill safe.” Otherwise they look and function just like the batteries no one in my house wants to throw out. These batteries started selling in Target stores at the end of July. I know we plan to switch. Not only is this good for the planet but it will save me from crawling under the couch retrieving used batteries.

Once I had all those used batteries out from under the couch, though, I realized I had no idea how to dispose of them responsibly. I did discover a solution at The Battery Recycling Kit ($16.95.) It’s a box with a prepaid shipping label. You order it and throw your used batteries in it instead of in the trash. When it’s full, drop it in the mail. Your batteries will be disposed of properly.

Update: Walk into any Best Buy now and you will find recycling bins for all manner of electronics, including batteries.


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2 thoughts on “Batteries with Less Guilt

  1. I accumulate my used batteries in a plastic bag at leave with Wal-Mart . The Pas Robles, CA store has a drop off container in the entrance/exit area. The “greeter” at your local store can direct you to the location and they accept your batteries even if you are not a shopper.

  2. Hi Christine,

    I accumulate the old batteries in a plastic bag, and take it in to our local branch of Batteries Plus (, and they just take it from me. At least that’s what happened the last time I did it; I don’t know if their process has changed since then.


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