Knock, Knock. Your Close-Up is Calling


I’m not a big fan of video conferencing conversations where everyone is staring at their own bad hair day in the little window on their screen and pretending to be interested in the conversation. But I did see a video phone app the other day that I think I’ll use: Knocking Live. It’s an app for iPhones or Android phones that lets you send a live video stream to your friends and family — as long as they, too, have an iPhone or Android phone. You can also send a live video link to anyone with an iPod or iPad. Pretty cool, right? Who needs an iPhone 4 for this? There’s a free app!

The thing is, I don’t want to look at the person I’m talking to with a video phone. I want to see what they are seeing. Or show them what I am seeing. Maybe my husband can’t make it to the school play or I am looking at a fabulous view and I want to share it. Or maybe I’m shopping and want my sister’s opinion on a pair of shoes. I could send her a text picture – or dial her up with Knocking for a live 360 degree walkthrough so she can actually form an opinion.

I’ve only done one “Knock” so far. And that was with Knocking Co-Founder Brian Meehan, who I really don’t know at all. But he pointed out some other cool uses people have found for the tool (which crossed the 2,000,000 user mark the day I spoke to him).

College-bound teens are using it to show the family back home the new dorm room, give a tour of campus, and introduce everyone back home to the new kids at school. You can’t do that with a Wi-Fi connection because you’d have to keep logging into a new network. With a cell phone, you can actually walk around and show people what you are looking at.

What will you use it for?

4 thoughts on “Knock, Knock. Your Close-Up is Calling

  1. This looks like a gr8 product……I could see us using this to communicate with folks about their designs and it would be great to communicate with our artist! Thanks for sharing…love this blog

  2. Any chance of a blackberry version coming out? 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I use Knocking in the same. Somethimes i just use it to mood up my girlfriend..)
    Or to show my location to people from other countries. What i doing at that moment, etc.

    Knock me, if u want! Knock name is traffshow.


  4. Oh man. I think i’m going to have to get a phone just to use this app!

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