Kids and Facebook


I know some of you have kids who are either using Facebook or asking if they can. So I want to introduce you to my friend Caroline Knorr (above). I’ve known Caroline since we both worked together at PC World too long ago to admit. She is now Parenting Editor at Common Sense Media and has made a terrific video that explains to how best to take advantage of the Facebook privacy settings to let a teen have fun –without getting into too much trouble — on Facebook. I couldn’t embed her video but just click on the image above to watch. Tell her I said “Hi.” while you are there.

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2 thoughts on “Kids and Facebook

  1. I know what you mean. And I do sometimes shut off the Internet for my kids — either by blocking some of it using the free service from Norton (you can just block dirtyphonebook altogether with that) or by just unplugging the Wireless network. But since a lot of people have likened the Internet to a highway (information highway), I like to think of it that way in regard to my kids. I have to teach them how to use it or they will head out into the world someday completely unprepared. We started with crossing the street, then riding bikes, etc. I wouldn’t drop them off on the highway as tots but someday they will have to drive there. So when I shut things off netwise, it is to teach. My son does a lot of stupid stuff on Facebook so I supervise, explain what’s stupid about what he is doing, tell him to take stuff down, and block the site altogether if he won’t — or if he unfriends me. It is a huge hassle, true. But you can’t really shut off the Internet. You can not allow it in your house but that’s not going to stop it from being in your kids’ life. It will just make them leave the house to get to it.

  2. Good video from Carlonine. I still feel a little vulnerable though.

    I really don’t like how facebook is changing their privacy settings all of the time and making it so confusing to try and protect private information. Between facebook and sites like that are exposing so much personal data about people it’s hard to know whether the best thing might be to just shut off the internet all together.

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