I’ve tried a lot of laptop bags. This one is great.

A great bag for a small laptop – or a day outing – at a fantastic price.

I am a bag addict. I have bags for every normal purpose. And some that have no real purpose. I buy them. I shop for them. I consider them a hobby. And it is only because of this obsession that I happened by accident upon what I think might be the perfect laptop bag.

  • It stands up when I set it down.
  • It is large enough to hold my laptop, charger, a small purse, a mouse, notebook, pens. Plenty large.
  • It has a great pocket for my phone and two exterior pockets for travel documents and things I need to grab quickly when traveling. There are more pockets than that. But those are my criteria pockets.
  • It sits neatly on top of a hard-sided roller suitcase.
  • It hangs nicely when I have to carry it.
  • It’s waterproof so if I ever sit next to that drunk guy on a plane who spilled his drink on me, my laptop and phone are safe.

It looks great.

Best part? It’s $30. (Actually $28.99)

Seriously. $30. I’m buying another. That’s a gift price. Right?