It’s So Geeky Being Green

That episode of 30 Rock (in a 2-minute replay above) was hilarious so I can’t resist trotting it out for Earth Day. Al Gore running off to rescue a whale at the end? So funny.

Okay, now on to more serious stuff.

Next month, I am going to a bloggers confab at Intel and have been emailing back and forth with some cool women there about the event — and other things Intel-related that interest me. Since today is Earth Day, though, I thought this would be a good time to mention that Becky tells me thatIntel — unlike that fictional company in 30 Rock — has been named the largest purchaser of green energy in the US. “Our purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) amounts to 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of energy a year,” reads a press release Becky directed me to. “The EPA estimates this has the equivalent effect of eliminating CO2 emissions for more than 185,000 automobiles or the electricity needed to power more than 130,000 average American homes annually.”

This got me wondering about how I’m doing in the carbon footprint department. And, as it happens, the same outfit – Sterling Planet –that handles green energy purchases for Intel, offers a calculator that helps me easily calculate where I fall – good or evil — in the coming energy apocalypse.

I like to think of myself as living pretty green. I frequently ride my bike to my office, use reusable bags and lunch boxes, and take the stairs instead of the elevator to the ninth floor most of the time. In fact, one reason I moved my entire family from San Francisco to North Carolina nine years ago was so we wouldn’t have to drive so much. And when I do get in a car, it’s a tiny Honda Fit.

The calculator was fun and quick. And it tells me I’m doing pretty well – though 12.33 metric tons for a family of four sounds like an awful lot to me — on that carbon footprint. I’m below average anyway.

At the end of the calculator, Sterling led me to some offers to purchase carbons offsets and other green alternatives for energy. But these offers mostly left me asking questions. So I headed over to for some answers. Sure enough, there was a guide to purchasing alternative energy for homeowners there. It gave me lots of ideas.

First on my new green to-do list? Turn off my computer and go home. J

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  1. Now that spring is here, I’m busy cleaning my house and clearing out waste.

    With electronics continually evolving and improving, I’ve piled up old floppy discs, old CDs, and more – all of which I don’t use anymore. I’ve got a massive storage drive and a powerful laptop that I put all my music, movies, and photos onto.

    So, what do with all my old electronics?

    Many of us don’t even realize that electronics need to be disposed of in an eco responsible way. Check out the EPA’s site ( to find out how to safely recycle these products. It’s easy to be green this Earth Day!

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