It’s Been a Long Day

Today was one of those days where I scrambled from one thing to another and felt like I was getting traction on none of it. And now I’m whooped. And I don’t have the exciting blog post ready that I hoped to have for you. Still, I do want to say that I have some amazing giveaways coming up (some really incredible stuff; I can’t believe how generous people are!), a ton of reviews of brand-new cell phones, and some insight on how to survive riding in the passenger seat when your husband’s driving drives you nuts.

That will all have to start tomorrow though.

Today, I’m just making excuses. But one of those excuses is that I started as the new consumer advocate at today. I am taking over The Gripe Line there. It’s been a long time since I took care of my peeps when I wrote Consumer Watch for PC World and I am very happy to be back at it. It’s a blast getting people their money back, helping companies and customers see eye-to-eye, and uncovering bad (and good) business practices. Come check it out. I don’t even think the email forwarding system is working over there yet because it’s all so fresh and new. But this is a really good time to write to me (use christina [at] geekgirlfriends [dot] com) because I am trying to ramp up fast. So if you have a beef with a high-tech company, are pissed off about some business practice, feel like you are getting a raw deal, or just can’t get satisfaction, bring it to me. I can get you what you need!

Also, check out this story Dan (husband mentioned above) and I wrote for Family Circle—though it shows up on We did a tech makeover on this super cool family in LA. There are adorable pictures of them and some great tips to help a busy working mom use technology to keep it together.