I’m Giving Away a Netbook!

Did you get a bed of roses on Valentine’s Day? A diamond ring? A trip to Paris? No? Me either.

Would a new netbook help make up for it? Because I have one. And I’m giving it away.

Maybe you saw it in my Family Circle High Tech Gift Guide back in 2011. It’s the very same computer. In fact, it’s the very unit I reviewed for that piece. When I offered to return it to AMD, they suggested I give it instead to one of you GeekGirlfriends readers.

This is a great portable machine you can toss in a purse and take anywhere. It’s the perfect kids’ computer because it will fit in a backpack but also connect to a larger monitor or TV (via HDMI) for working or entertainment at home or in the dorm.

And it’s pretty!

Just tell me – in the comments – where you plan to take your new netbook and I’ll pick one lucky commenter – in time for International Working Mother’s Day (March 19) —  to receive this spiffy new machine.  While you are at it, would you mind “Liking” my new(ish) Facebook page, too?

Good luck!


This giveaway is CLOSED! Ann won it and is having a blast with her new netbook. Thanks for playing!

32 thoughts on “I’m Giving Away a Netbook!

  1. This post simply made me join your ¡°lab¡± Kim

  2. Unfortunately I have to take monthly trips to the hospital and/or ER with a spine disease and Parkinson’s-like symptoms beginning as a result. While I am there the one thing I always wish I had is a computer–I keep all of my photos online and can text/mail my family & friends from my e-mail program much easier than from a phone at this point. I also love to read and learn so I download a lot of articles etc. to read which helps pass time while learning new things. I feel awkward asking for a gift for myself and apologize for feeling selfish. Thank you.

  3. I’d feature this at our new GOTRIbal Lounge for women to use at athletic events. A first-of-its-kind, 2000 squ foot exclusive tent space for women, where we’ll be skyping in Olympic athletes, national coaches and world champion women athletes to teach women mini-clinics about living a healthy, active lifestyle.

    The netbook will allow us to have those sessions AND give women the chance to connect with others they otherwise wouldn’t be able to without the netbook in the Lounge.

    read more about the Lounge here:http://www.gotribalnow.com/content/gotribal-lounge-women

    Thank you!!


  4. I’d take this to California and give it to my grand daughter.

  5. My daughter is taking hers to college. With this computer I will be able to skype with her as she will be across the country! Yes, my baby is leaving 🙁

  6. Honestly, I would give this to my 14 yr old for his birthday, unless of course it’s a girly color *smile*. He homeschools, and we have one computer in the house, and I need it well more than I can get to it! He, I know, would take it everywhere, as it would make homeschooling field trips and research so much easier!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway!

    As a full-time college student and single mom (working two part-time jobs) I’d tuck that sweet little thing in my back pack for organizing my schedules, keeping track of assignments and who knows what else!? Dual core processor and Windows 7? Yes, a netbook will help with no roses for Valentines day! 🙂

    And, I “liked” your Facebook page a while ago.

  8. My laptop is literally starting to fall apart. I would take this to the allergist because I have to sit there for half an hour every week twittling my thumbs after my injection. This would keep me entertained!

  9. Absolutely eveywhere! Just recently I became the sole provider for our household which means longer hours and could use this to stay connected while performing the working mom balancing act that we all do.

  10. I would use it everywhere, but probably mostly at home so I don’t have to sit in our cold Wisconsin basement! Also I might get a chance once in awhile to be on the computer after 7am or before 9pm since our desktop is in much demand from the two boys in my house!

  11. I’m sure it’s the perfect size for travel but my 7 year old has been dying for one of these. I’d give it to him!

  12. I would use this netbook to take along to the many sporting events my kids are involved with. During downtime between games I could use it to get my photos, calendar, family organized. Your blog has already been very helpful in streamlining many things and helping me get organzied and a new netbook would be just the ticket to accomplish these goals.

  13. Hi,
    I am in a virtual high school. The laptop that I use is ancient and very slow. If I had this netbook I would use it to do my classwork, connect with friends and family out of state and country, and organize the thousands of pictures I have been taking lately as my new hobby. It would help me to take my school on the road so we could do more field trips. I could also take it to doctors appts. so that I wouldn’t be behind when I got home. Of course I would also use it to follow your blog! I love it and want to be a geek goddess just like you!! My laptop is so ancient is no longer mobile because it it so old the battery is dead. Help, this netbook would change my life!

  14. I’d use this netbook to stay caught up on writing when my kids are at play rehearsals!

  15. I would use this in some of my college classes. A few of them don’t have computers in their rooms so this would be very helpful there.

  16. I would give it to my mom. She and my dad travel each spring in their rv around the country to enjoy the warm weather and see the country. She has a 4 year old netbook that has seen it’s better days and has been running so slow it has been difficult to send her things or to communicate via skype. I have been sending her suggestions for a new computer but they have not had time or been in a place to look at them. My girls love talking to their grandparents via the web and would love for their grandma to have a new computer.

  17. This netbook is a perfect size for me to use with my moderate-to-severe class of K-3rd grade Special Ed students. There are lots of great learning apps that the kids can use, but for some, sitting at the desktop presents a challenge. The netbook would fit easily in the small hands of my students, easy to use and enjoy, and kid-sized, to boot! We’d get a ton of use out of this tool, and it would be greatly appreciated in these difficult budget times in education. Thanks for your consideration – your blog is a must-read for many of my educator friends!

  18. I would love to have this netbook! I have 3 children and we could all share it in the house, at the library and on family trips. Love the idea of it being small and fitting in a purse! Going to fb next to ‘like’ your page. Thanks for all the great info you provide via this blog!!

  19. Well the first place I would take my netbook is OUTSIDE where I can blog in peace, quiet and sunshine-but still be close enough to supervise my rowdy kids. I do a ton of blogging and am constantly having to fight the rest of the family for the one good computer in the house, so it would be so lovely to have a netbook that was ALL MINE! I would also take my netbook to conferences and to my local coffehouse where I would look SO COOL typing away instead squinting at my phone. I might even use it to like your page on facebook, except I already have. 🙂

  20. I would definitely give this to my 17 year old daughter! She can use it for her school work; we recently moved into a small apartment due to a separation, and she wasn’t able to bring her big PC computer. So we share a small netbook. We could each have our own!

  21. I’m a graduate student and right now I have a 7+ lbs. laptop so I would definitely use the netbook when I go to campus (a 7-15 minute walk each way) to study or work at one of my campus jobs. Also, I plan to go to a conference this Spring, which a netbook would be perfect for. This spring I also plan to be traveling for job interviews and I’m not looking forward to lugging my laptop everywhere.

  22. I’m celebrating a very BIG birthday this year, and to celebrate will be on a boat in Belize for a week. I’m pretty sure I would take it there. However, there are two places I most likely wouldn’t take it — the bathroom & the bedroom!

  23. I’m a transportation emergency communicator so it depends on where the emergency hits. Most often, it’s the Ops Center -which just got wifi! Yes, I know, it’s amazing it took that long. I would love to have something I can carry from desk to desk as I gather info to let the drivers in my state know what’s up (via Web, blog, Social Media, etc.) And when I’m working from my desktop, my son (who loves to come with everyone in a while all the craziness) could hang out and watch movies on Netflix or do his homework on IXL. Wonder which one he will chose? Yeah, that one! When I do get a day off to hang out, it would be nice to have something small to have in my backpack until I get to the office. Myself and the drivers of our state thank you!

  24. I would take it everywhere!!! Including from room to room in my house. I can’t tell you how many times I would have loved to look up a recipe in the kitchen, but have to run to the front room cause I don’t want to tote my laptop around.

  25. Oooo…I’d love something that I could take with me! Between my husband, my kids and I it would probably go just about everywhere!

  26. I loved my handy-dandy Aspire One netbook. It went everywhere with me; the netbooks are the perfect size for carrying in your purse. For business use, personal use, or just pleasure (passing the time at the doctor’s office, etc.), they are perfect. Sadly, my netbook bit the dust a few days ago. My purse feels so empty now..my life disorganized..A new netbook is needed to accompany me and keep me organized.

  27. Purse sized… perfect for when I need to work while my girls are at gymnastics or dance. And since I travel for work… this year it would go to Nashville, on a tour of National Parks in Montana, Wyoming & South Dakota, to Ireland (twice) and various Midwest locations.

  28. I am going to the ASJA in New York in April–and will be moderating a panel on Twitter. I would *love* to have a lightweight netbook to plop in my bag (especially since I’ll be staying in Brooklyn and commuting to midtown everyday of the conference) and show off!

    When not in New York for my one trip of the year, I would love to have a netbook so I can work from my bedroom during the weekend early mornings…so as to not wake up the kids while maneuvering to my desktop in the front of our house.

    Thanks for the contest and congrats on the Facebook page. Consider yourself liked!

  29. To the library, in the kitchen, on errands, to the doctor’s office, etc, etc, etc! Basically everywhere.

  30. On the plane when I fly back to see my parents. At the VA while waiting for my husband in his appointments. At home while making dinner. At school in class instead of using theirs. So basically everywhere..except of course while driving.

  31. Where wouldn’t I take this machine is the question! I would take it on the train for my commute to work instead of my large laptop. I would take it while waiting for appointments and meetings. I would take it on trips for light-weight computer access. How exciting!

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