I Have a Present for Your Mom


It’s hard to miss Mother’s Day, what with all the hype. But in case you are in danger of missing it, it’s coming up very fast. Sunday! It’s this Sunday. And you know what Mom wants? (In addition to a visit from you.) Technology. And I’m not just saying that because I like technology. It’s true. People have studied it. Moms have confessed it. Flowers are so pre-information age.

My own Mum loves it when I gift her a sweet tablet or a smart phone or some tech accessory. It saves her from having to justify a purchase for something she’s gotten by this long without and – more to the point — saves her from having to figure out what to buy. Every time she gathers the family around for an Ellen-style selfie and posts it to Facebook, she thanks me for buying her that phone.

I’m going to make it easy for you. Or rather Logitech is. Some sweet people over at Logitech did all the shopping and put together an awesome gift package for your Mom: A purse full of goodies, including some very nice tech. I got one in to look at. Love! Even my daughter deemed it “fashionista heaven.” My daughter is a little unclear on Mother’s Day, though, and promptly stole the purse and most of its contents. I’m trying to get it back to get a picture of it. (I managed to hold onto the iPad case and Bluetooth keyboard; shown.)

Here is what’s in that purse my 16-year-old could not resist:

Logitech AnyAngle (for iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 3)
Logitech Keys-to-Go (for iOS, Android or Windows)
– Shoulder bag / tote
– Moisturizing lip balm
– Sunglasses case
– Nail polish
– Gold bangle

And here’s how your Mom gets one: Tell me something sweet about your Mom in the comments and I’ll pick one comment at random to send the purse and accessories to. Hurry though. We have to get this done fast. I’ll pick a winner in just 48 hours.

2 thoughts on “I Have a Present for Your Mom

  1. Mom, if you were I here I promise I would teach you how to use this (all the time knowing you would become frustrated quickly and give it to me).

  2. My Mom pretended to show interest in Doctor Who, Star Wars and comic books just so she could spend time with me. I try to remember that whenever I get TMI about Minecraft from my 9 year old.

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