There are so many daily sale sites out there that it is getting hard to keep track of them. I like a deal. At least if it’s a deal on something I want. So today I have $15 for you to spend at Uncovet, which launched this week and has quite a few things I want.

Uncovet is less about slashed prices — though they are slashed — and more about style. It’s curated by some hip interior and fashion designers. And the result is a bit like a hip California boutique. The sort with limited quantities on stuff you really don’t need, at least till you see them in the store. Except at Uncovet everything is on sale.

A quick tour of the site has me re-envisioning my old house in a rustic, cottage style. I don’t have time anymore to hit flea markets and second hand shops for that sort of weathered and one-of-a kind item that would push my interior from “could be nice” mid-century (1942, actually) to “Wow.” I’ve done a lot of work undoing the mistakes that were made to the house before we bought it. And we almost have it completely repaired. Could it be time to dress it in style?

Or maybe I’ll just pick up a birthday present for my style-conscious teenager?

He is always losing his wallet. But he never loses his phone. Maybe if I link them together and make it look hip?

12/6/2012: UPDATE I have a new code for you. Go to Uncovet (use one of my links or this won’t work!), pick out something you like, and enter VIPSPECIAL at checkout to get $15 off Uncovet. One use per customer. Good through 12/16


6 thoughts on “I Have a Deal for You at Uncovet”

  1. Got a new code: VIPSPECIAL at checkout to get $15 off Uncovet. One use per customer. Good thru 12/16

  2. It must be. I’ll ask the Uncovet folks for an update. Thanks for pointing this out. Back to you soon!

  3. I tried using this promo code, but I’m assuming it has expired? It’s not working… thanks!

  4. I can’t get the GEEKGF promo code to work today (6/15/12). I used the link in your blog to get to Uncovet. Any suggestions??

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