Hooked on Jott

Last week I started using some Web tools to help keep my life in order. And I will cover them here one at a time over the next few days. Today I want to start with Jott.com because—after a simple 5-minute sign up—it gave me an instant feeling of control. Not the “I’m your boss!” sort of control. The “Whew, I can relax because I have it together,” brand. I think an example will explain it best.

I avoid the library. I feel guilty about it—especially when it comes to the kids—but that’s the way it is. When we check out books, we tend to forget about them till they are so long overdue that the fees could buy us a pied-à-terre in a third-world country. But over the weekend I had no choice: my daughter’s school project required library books. As we were checking out her books, I whipped out my cell phone and called the Jott number I had plugged in when I set up my free account. It asked me what I want to Jott and I said, “Google Calendar.” Then it prompted me for a date and time. Once we had that settled, I told it, “Return library books.” And it transcribed that and dropped it on my calendar on the day the books need to go back. I was sorted before we got to the car. I’ve been using Jott for about four days and calling reminders in to myself has become a reflex. And I can feel myself relaxing just a little every time I realize I don’t have to try and remember something.

It will also transcribe Twitters, email reminders to me on specific dates, put things on my to-do list, keep running shopping lists, and do lots of other stuff—all via a quick phone call. Can you feel the organization?

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2 thoughts on “Hooked on Jott

  1. Found you through the tynanwood.com site and I love everything I’m reading on here.

    A librarian told me about Library Elf, a site which tracks your library books and has all sorts of ways to remind you when they are due. Even cooler is that it actually works with the library systems – maybe yours is in there? http://libraryelf.com/

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