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010610-1528-vivalasvega1.jpgI’m in Vegas – along with everyone else in the consumer the electronics industry – ready  to get a peek at the gadgetry that will be appearing on store shelves in 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show show. I had resigned myself to not going this year when – in the eleventh hour – the kind people at the Z-Wave Alliance took pity on me and offered to fund my exploration this year into the land of LCD screens and processors.

I was pretending not to care that I wasn’t going to be among the elite gazillions who get a first look at the gear that will be hitting shelves this year back when I was resigned to not going. But now that I’m here, I’ll admit I’m pretty excited about some of the stuff that’s rumored to appear this year.

For one thing, I want to take a closer look at the products that are promised to run on mesh networks in our homes, making it possible for our machines to talk to each other and to let us talk to them via the Internet.

I was at the hair salon recently and overheard a woman calling her friends trying to get them to go to her house and lock her door because her housekeeper – who she’d left the door unlocked for – had cancelled and her house would be unlocked all day as a result. Next year, I thought to myself, there will be an app for that.

In fact, I saw a demo of a product born of the Z-Wave Alliance that would have let that woman log on from her laptop and lock and the doors — and see her house, turn off the lights, and raise the shades. “We are in South Hall at CES with 21 partners,” says Mary Miller, marketing director for the alliance. “We will be showcasing security, energy management, and and remote home monitoring solutions from all the biggest brands…all working together.  We have an interoperability wall that showcases home vignettes so you can walk through how this would work in a real home.”

I’ll be checking out along with the entire “Connected Home” section at CES on Friday. So speak up now if you have questions.

There are a few other things I want to see while I’m here. I’m excited about the flurry of new tablets that are promised to run on the new Android OS. I want one. So I’m thrilled that there is rumored to be over 50 new tablets to choose from being announced this week.

And since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to harness technology to get in better shape, I can’t wait to visit the Fitness Tech section at the show. I have a home-office makeover planned that will -hopefully – turn my workday into a workout.

I’m also anticipating some cool stuff for cars – gear that will help parents relax a little when the teen is behind the wheel. I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations with auto makers recently that make me dread just a little less the moment when my now 14-year-old son will take the wheel.

The show floor opens tomorrow morning so stay tuned and I’ll try to carve out a few minutes among the meetings, parties, and hours spent in the cab line to post on what’s new and promising. If there is something you find fascinating, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to take a look.

2 thoughts on “Hello Consumer Electronics

  1. Hello from the East Coast!

    I’m a little jealous of you…I would love to be in Vegas checking out the new gadgets! 🙂

    I’m curious about the new Asus tablets…are they better than the iPad and less expensive? What about the Kindle? Is it more efficient to have a tablet that you can read with, or better to have a high quality reader? My daughter and I LOVE to read, and we’re usually in the middle of several books at once. Carrying around all those books is a drag…

    ANYTHING that lets me breathe easier when my 15 and 16 year olds are behind the wheel would be awesome…I’m usually a wreck !

    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in electronics!

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