Great Deals on Phone Chargers


phone charger

I keep a battery phone charger in my purse at all time. In fact, I have a dozen of these things charging all over my house so that I – and everyone else who lives here – can grab one and run out the door without fear of being out in the world with a dead phone.

This is not just an overactive addiction to social media or texting. If I get to a meeting and don’t know the room number or the phone number of the people I’m meeting, it’s on my phone. If I get lost, my phone navigates me back on track. If I come out of a meeting and it’s pouring rain and I have a ten-minute walk to BART, I need my phone to get a Lyft (use the code geekGF to get a free ride.)

I don’t have the time or data to go without my phone anymore. Someone will probably think that’s silly. That someone did not once carry a laptop, printouts of meeting notes, and a host of other data points to get through a day. All of that is on my phone now, which is why I can do this day — and most days — carrying everything in a stylish but affordable gray leather purse.


MyCharge RazorMax

The RazorMax charger from MyCharge powers up two devices at once.


I am a big fan of MyCharge chargers. The one that is most often in my purse is the RazorMax because it is compact, pretty, snugs up to my phone when it’s charging so I can keep right on working. And it will charge a friend’s phone or tablet at the same time so it makes me popular.



I keep the AmpProng model plugged in and handy in case my favorite is already dead in my purse.

phone charger

The RazorPlus is on sale for $20


I think these are must-have tech. And I usually put on in my kid’s stockings at Christmas and give them as gifts whenever I don’t know what to get. Many of them are on sale right now. Stock up!