Google Calendar in My Purse

I just discovered a way to get my Google calendar from the Internet to my purse with very little fuss: Goosync. I have a Palm TX, which can access the Internet via Wi-Fi (or through my cell phone if I want to pay the connect charges.) But Goosync will work with lots of cell phones and connected PDAs.


I registered and downloaded a file at Then I told the site where to find my Google calendar and tapped the sync button on my Palm. It did the rest. Sweet. Now I don’t even need to do a hot sync to keep my Palm up to date. I can get at my calendar while chilling at my local pool or waiting for my kids at piano lessons or wherever else I happen to be–just by clicking that button. But the best part may be that I can enter appointments on my Palm, tap the Goosync button and those appointments show up on my Google calendar–and so are already back at my desk when I get home. I am so organized now!

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