Getting a Charge in My Purse

I’m traveling around the San Francisco Bay Area this week. I can’t get through a day here without my cell phone. So, naturally, its battery chose this week to give up the ghost. Back when this battery was fresh, my phone could go two or three days with a single overnight charge. But for the last couple of months, it has been out of juice by the end of a single day. And in the last few days, it barely has any life by lunchtime.

Fortunately, I happened to have the Duracell Instant Charger with me on this trip. Before I left home, I plugged it in, charged it up, I threw it in my purse, and forgot about it. But over the weekend when it failed me halfway through a busy day where I needed my phone to rendezvous with friends, I remembered it was there, storing the power I had put on it when I was near an outlet. I plugged my phone into it and it sprang back to life. Instant power! I left my phone connected to it, dropped the Instant Charger back in my purse and was instantly back in business.

While I went about my day, this Duracell power reserve kept my phone going. It didn’t ever provide enough juice for my phone to operate without it –though that might have something to do with my battery’s unwillingness to hold a charge. But it let me stay connected till I was able to plug in to an outlet. This Duracell just made it to my packing list for every trip.

This was a great Band-Aid but I couldn’t go on like this for long. And I had no intention of spending an afternoon of my hard-won, kid-free, travel time driving around looking for a new battery. So on Monday I went online and ordered a replacement from I paid for express shipping and it arrived first thing this morning – all charged up so I could use it right away.