Last week, the folks at Springpad called to ask if I would participate in their Organize Your Thanksgiving Contest and host a giveaway of a Breville immersion blender. As it happened, I had been fielding calls and emails all morning from my family about our Thanksgiving plans. We are all converging on the Northern California coast to eat turkey and explore. And I am at the center of the planning. Everyone wanted to know the what, how, and when. Meanwhile I was falling behind at work and thinking, “I need to organize this!”

So the call was well timed. I put down the phone, set up a Springpad account, dropped its “Spring It!” tool onto my browser and hit the sites I’d already been using as reference for our gathering. I located recipes, local food purveyors, places I hoped to visit, and travel resources and tapped the “Spring It!” button as I went. Springpad bookmarked the pages, created a pretty graphic (using art from the sites) for each bookmark, and added them to my notebook. Within a few minutes I was beautifully organized. I chose a design scheme and sent a link to my entire brood. And the questions stopped.

The immersion blender Springpad and Breville are offering (one for me; one for one of you) to give away? That was just gravy.

No, really. I need an immersion blender to make the gravy. I have one at home. But there isn’t one in our Thanksgiving house. I could manage without. But I’d rather not.

In my family, Thanksgiving gravy brings out the rabble horde, the jailhouse food posture, the starving-in-a-small-life raft-at-sea-with-no-hope-of-rescue, eat-or-be-eaten instinct. And, because I have been making gravy for this throng ever since our mother backed away from her snarling cubs in fear, my gravy is like gold. I have perfected it. It is legend. People are already asking me if I have everything I need to make it. An immersion blender saves time and makes it easy to make gallons (not kidding) of lump-free gravy.

Springpad has partnered with Breville for this contest and giveaway. So I was doubly intrigued. You know I’m a geek for technology. But you probably don’t know that I also get a dorky shine in my eyes when contemplating kitchen appliances. I have a Breville juicer and love it. But that is the only Breville appliance I own.

The gist? I am totally on the hook to try this Breville immersion blender. You?

So here is how we get one:

All you have to do is check out the Springpad Thanksgiving Tastemaker notebooks. And then come back here and post something in the comments about Springpad, a notebook you like, or a notebook you might be inspired (or need) to create. Then I will choose a random comment from below and send the winner a blender.

And once you get going on this organize yourself beautifully thing, enter the Springpad contest. The winner of that contest, stands to win a Breville countertop oven. (I wish I didn’t know about that oven. Now I want one.) To win that, you have to create a notebook and make it awesome.

Good luck!

11 thoughts on “Get Beautifully Organized with Springpad. Get a Free Immersion Blender.”

  1. The title ‘A Bachelor’s Turkey Day’ caught my eye tho’ many of them were creative. As for the photos of food, I tried not to look at them! ; )
    I use a different on-line notepad, but must try Springpad!

  2. Sorry about the delay in posting. I got swarmed by family. Milcah won it!

  3. I’m a married woman, but the title ‘A Bachelor’s Turkey Day’ caught my attention!
    I’ve been using a differnet notepad prog. but will have to try springpad!

  4. How cool are these!?! I like the “Giving thanks…” notebook. I’ve seriously got to get my act together and try some of these time-saving devices! New Year’s resolution…

  5. Here’s my favorite one: 😉 I’d appreciate likes/follows on my notebook!!!!! 🙂 I like the way this program runs, it seems to be a lot sleeker and easier to manage than pinterest.

  6. I think I will be starting a Paleo Thanksgiving notebook! Also, since my husband does all of the cooking (which is good for both of us), I spent a lot of time browsing the Thanksgiving decorations notebooks:)

  7. Please don’t mind me saying so, but I kinda like mine:!/mommasreviews/notebooks/thanksgivingjoy/blocks. I do wish I could think of more things to add because it just doesn’t look complete and creating it makes me wish I had a bigger place. One thing I wish I could do is add the Martha Stewart turkey that I found to the cover, but I can’t seem to figure that out. It looks so delicious!

  8. I am a baked goods/sweets girl so the “The Sweetest Thanksgiving” notebook caught my attention!

  9. So I was definitely intrigued by the “Everything for Thanksgiving” — and the Beer and Bacon Pecan Bars. Whoa! But since you asked, we’re a heavily gluten-free home, so I would love to create a Springpad notebook on gluten-free fun…and maybe I’ll do that to try to win the oven. 🙂

    Thank you for running the contest. I never would have known about Springpad.

  10. I’m excited about the Pardon My (Vegan) notebook. I have a few vegan members of the family who come to Thanksgiving dinner, and it would be great to be able to create some dishes just for them!

  11. i love the springpad called “gobble gobble” the food looks amazing!

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