Friday! Game of Thrones! Drink to Know!

Drink, showverdose, make some popcorn, and sit on the couch. Because winter is almost here!

After a long busy week meeting deadlines and generally getting sh@*t done, it’s FINALLY time to start showverdosing on Game of Thrones. (Or, as I fondly call it, Game of Porns.) The new season starts on April 14.

I plan to turn the computer off, turn the TV on, sign up for an HBO trial, make some popcorn, and sip something from the Whitewalker whiskey collection. I’ll have to get in the car and stand in line at the liquor store for that last part. But if you live in one of the 101 cities served by Drizly, you don’t. You can turn off your computer, order the booze to be delivered, and never get out of your pajamas…er work-at-home-leisure-wear.

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Try this:

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