Foursquare and Back-to-School Shopping

I am about to take my kids shopping for school. I am super excited — giddy really — that they are headed back to school. But I’m not happy about the shopping part. I’ve seen estimates that say parents spend (I’m rounding) $450 to $650 on this shopping spree. So. That’s a drag. But the folks at Foursquare sent me a list of ways parents can use that location-sharing app/game to chip away at that figure. This list showed up just in time for me, so I am sharing it in case it saves you a little money, too.

I am already a total Foursquare nerd. But if you aren’t, just find the app in your smart phone’s app market, download it and get yourself set up. Then when you are shopping, load the app and “check in” at the store. (You can do this from any browser, too.) You’ll see the specials in most cases. In some of the cases below, you also need to connect your AMEX card to score the deal.

Sample of National Foursquare Specials for Back-to-School Shopping  

  • Best Buy – Spend $250, get $25 back when you check in and use an AmEx card
  • T-Mobile – A new school year means time for a new case for your smartphone! Change it up with 30% off accessories at T-Mobile when you check in
  • Utrecht Art Supplies – Get all your gear for art class and upcoming school projects from Utrecht. Save 20% off your purchase for checking in three times in 2 weeks
  • Barnes & Noble – Get your assigned novels at Barnes & Noble and get $5 back for every $25 you spend with your synced AmEx when you check in
  • jcpenney – Shop jcpenney for your new kicks and backpack and get a FREE personalization kit to complete your unique style
  • Adidas – Get fresh kicks for style or for gym class at Adidas and get $15 back for every $75 you spend with your synced AmEx when you check in