Flitting Past the Crowds

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I prefer shopping online to fighting crowds. (Especially if I get free shipping.) But sometimes – especially when shopping for clothes – locating the right item online can be frustrating. I know just where to go for, underwear, kids’ clothes, or some new workout apparel for me. But if the search is for a party dress or something unusual, trudging from online store to online store, remembering the name of stores I rarely frequent, and clicking through page after page of the wrong thing is almost as bad as driving to the mall with a surly tween in tow and spending an afternoon watching her reject outfits at the Limited Too. (Almost.)

This morning, after wandering aimlessly around the Internet looking for just the right sweater to wear with a my New Year’s party dress, I remembered I got a press release last week announcing a new shopping site: Flit.com. Turns out, it was just what I needed.

I have a pretty clear idea of what I want in a sweater. I just don’t know where to get it. And I don’t really have the time or inclination to go to The Gap, followed by Anthropologie.com, J. Jill.com, Macys.com, and then the store sites of every designer I like (and their outlet stores.) I have work to do. At Flit.com, I just enter a quick description of the item I’m looking for and it brings up a list of stores in the right category. I browse that list till I see a merchant that seems likely and click it. Flit has already called up every item that might suit so I can browse quickly through my own private mall online. I can personalize the site so that only stores I like show up when I search. Nice.

I still haven’t found my sweater. But at least I spent less time not finding it.


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  1. Thanks Christina – just tried out flit.com – very cool and fun to use. I went looking for new boots and found some great ones at sites I didn’t know about – like Piperlime.com. It will save me a lot of time shopping. C.

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