There are so many free things out there on the Internet. And while I often bandy about that old axiom, “You get what you pay for.” It honestly isn’t that true anymore. Some of my favorite things are pretty darn free.

Here are five:

Not willing to spring for Microsoft Office but need a full-featured Office Suite. How about a free one? Open Office has everything you need and it’s compatible with Office. It even has a math program if you are that geeky—or are outfitting a student computer.

Want a basic calendar that will automatically download from one or more online calendars and keep track of a to-do list? The makers of Firefox and Thunderbird have got one.

Need a personal information manager to keep track of your calendar, to-do’s, and contacts? Don’t want to spend a dime? The free version of this terrific PIM is the place to start. If you later decide you want some of the fancier features—the ability to sync with your handheld PDA or Google Calendar, for example—you can upgrade and pay a little more.

Want to crop people in and out of your photos, eliminate red eye, and perform all manner of photography tricks? Adobe Photoshop is expensive. The GIMP will cost you five minutes to download and install.

Do you wish you could share your contact information easily with someone else? How about if every time you sent an email, it—and the contact information of the people you sent it to—were captured so you could keep track of your conversations and projects in once central place–online. That’s what Highrise does. It offers several paid plans and one free one. (Look for the little “free” link at the bottom of the page.)

Also free—if you win—if the memory card for your cell phone that I’m giving away at my Teeny Weeny Mobile Giveaway.
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  1. What about Animoto? Take pictures, choose one of their songs, and get a 30-second video. It is fun, well done, and easy to use.

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