Five Awesome Headphones So Cheap You Can Gift Them

There’s no reason to drop a fortune on earbuds you’ll lose. These are so cheap!


Earbuds are a necessary part of using a smart phone, at this point. They let you pocket that bad boy while you walk, do yoga, or lie on the couch. They let you do whatever you want on your phone without disturbing the other people in the room. They make podcasts, audio books, and your own choice of music available no matter what else you are doing.

There are a lot of expensive ones out there that everyone seems to covet. My take on that is that spending $200 on these will only add to my stress. Do I want to worry about losing something that’s small and could easily fall out of my ear or pocket? I do not.

Here are five earbuds you can afford to lose, replace, or buy as gifts.


The Anker Soundcore Life P2 True

$36 on Amazon

These are a true wireless earbud that looks like a famously expensive pair but is only $40, including the charging case. True wireless means they don’t use wires to charge (just put them in the charging case for that) or to connect to each other for stereo sound. They are cute, come in three colors, and get five-star reviews from 17,000 people. They have a long battery life and you can use one at a time if you are talking on the phone, which makes them super versatile. Wear them on your morning walk, take a call while walking, wear one all day when working your network for funding, wear them to listen to music while sipping wine.

Soul S-FIT True Wireless Earbuds

$64 on Amazon 

And here is 10% off any of the awesome headphones from Soul.

These Soul S-FITs are the wireless earbuds I carry everywhere. I love them because they fit, look a cute accessory, sound great, and charge in that cute case when I’m not wearing them. They are waterproof so I can keep listening even if I jump into a quick shower after my morning walk. They are small enough to have with me so I can fire up an audiobook if my walk gets boring, and that wing that snaps them into my ear is comfortable and makes them stay put. They come in six colors and are on sale right now.

The BackBeat Fit 3100

$83 on Amazon

I am a huge fan of Plantronics headphones and this BackBeat Fit 3100 is no exception. Again, this is a true wireless headphone that’s waterproof so you can sweat or jump in a shower without pausing your book or music. These are seriously stay-put headphones, though, with a wing that snaps into the ear and an over-ear style that will not fall off. They have a slick “train safe” feature that lets in ambient sound so you can hear what’s happening around you, too.  They come with a charging case.

Tozo NC Active Hybrid Earbuds


$40 on Amazon

These headphones with a charging case are so affordable that I gave a pair to everyone on my gift list back at Christmas and they all love them. They come with a wireless charging case, are waterproof, fit into your ear so no one will know they are there, and get over 19,000 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers who say the sound and battery life are outstanding.

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0

$26 on Amazon

I have not tried these slick earbuds, also from Tozo, but can 205,000 five-star reviews lie? I’m ordering a pair to find out. These are small and use Bluetooth 5.0. Both the case and earbuds are waterproof and the charging case will charge on a Qi-compatible wireless charging surface. They come in five colors.

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