Finding Hidden Emotions

Dear Geek Girlfriend,

I was chatting over Skype with a coworker recently and a she sent me a rather risqué emoticon. It looked like this: MooningAfter I recovered from the shock (she seemed so straight-laced until this moment) I went looking for that naughty emoticon so I could send it to someone else. Not there. Does she have some special NC-17 rated version of Skype that I don’t have? How do I get that version

Playful in Plymouth

Dear Playful

If you like the chat feature of Skype or Yahoo! Messenger (or any of the instant message services, you probably love the emoticons, too. I certainly do. They are fun. Why type kisses when chatting with your sweetie when you can send a picture of a kiss? They are also useful: Nothing prevents an accidental argument like attaching a smiley emoticon to a joke that might be misinterpreted. Most of the emoticons can be accessed from the drop-down menu but some are a bit more secret. In Skype, type (bandit) (finger) or (mooning)–include the parenthesis–to get a bit of a surprise. (Search for more secret Skype emoticons here or more Yahoo Messenger emoticons here. If you aren’t using either of these, do a Google search. Don’t try these out on your mother—or mine! In fact, you might want to warn whoever you send them to lest you offend.

If your Google search lands you at a site that asks you to download code to get free emoticons (and it will) be very careful. A lot of this sort of free software—for email or instant message icons or emoticons—is Trojan Horse malware. This means that it lures you into letting down your guard (just like those Trojans did; and remember how that turned out?) by offering you a gift. But malicious code will ride in on that gift and I guarantee it will do something evil to your computer. Only download code from a source you trust.

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  1. Love these! Check out the smoking emoticon. The drunk is also cool.


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