Essential Bling to Make Your Home Office Design Productive & Stylish

Trick out your home office design with elements that signal you are at work

Make your home office beautiful

Working from home presents a unique challenge when it comes to decorating. You want your workspace to be comfortable and productive. But you also need to signal to anyone you share the house with, neighbors, and pets that you are at work. You might be on a call and can’t answer the door. You might need to focus because you have a looming deadline. If you don’t want to be interrupted, you have to send that message with the design of your home office or some element in it.

You also have supplies. And you don’t want to turn your home into a workplace. So you have to stash those when you aren’t working.

Here are some home office design ideas to help you manage all the style and productivity demands of a home office.

A neon sign so people know you are on a call

You are on an important call. Someone walks into your office chatting loudly about something inconsequential because you are home and, even though it’s the middle of the workday, they assume you are doing nothing. You glare but, even if they get the message, the thread of your work conversation is gone before they realize their mistake. What do you do? Murder isn’t an option so try this $25 sign. You can flip a switch so it lights up when you are on a call. They can see it. Signaling is super important when you work from home. And this is a signal that’s hard to miss.

A door sign to keep the neighbors from stopping by

They can see your car in the driveway and they want to ask if you can watch their dog, look out for packages, go to lunch, or hang out. Some people are retired, out of work, or not as dedicated to their work-from-home gig as you are. Hang this sign so they know that you are working. That way when you don’t answer the door — even though they know you are there — they were warned.

This sticky note holder with matching stencils

Keep your sticky notes at hand in this note holder ($15 on Etsy) and use the stencil to draw a quick to-do list, reminders, or important phone number on one as you need it. There are six great colors and an entire collection of matching desk accessories.

Use this wireless charging phone stand to make that screen more useful

When your phone is in a stand, that screen is so much more helpful. You can glance to see notifications, take calls at the tap of a button, and use it as a music management tool or video calling device, leaving your big screen free for work. And this wireless charging stand ($27 on Amazon) is not only adjustable so you can get the angle right but it charges your phone while it’s there. The charging pad slides up and down so you can situation it in just the right spot for your phone. Sometimes I slide it down and away from my phone’s charging connection when my phone is fully charged.

A set of colorful, desktop storage boxes

Keep all your pens, clips, and notepaper right at hand but tucked neatly away in these stackable storage drawers ($27 on Etsy) and add a punch of color to your desktop.

This wall decal for motivation or art

I have some images on the brick wall over my desk that create atmosphere. But I am considering blowing those up and going big with a decal. This wall decal ($33 on Etsy) is completely customizable and would be a great place to put a logo, inspirational saying, or whatever else it is that makes your office yours.

A beautiful standing desk

A standing desk for your home office

Who says a standing desk has to be ugly, expensive, and a huge commitment? The big manufacturers do, I guess. But why not try the idea out before you commit, with something pretty, inexpensive, adjustable, and small? A standing desk does not work for me for writing. But I rely on mine to stand for a few minutes while I work or talk on the phone. This lovely standing desk ($98 on Etsy) will sit on top of your current desk or even the dining room table.

This folding desk so you can keep your home office in a closet

A folding desk for your home office

Are you working on a laptop from the couch or your bed? That’s very bad for your neck, hands, and back. If space is the reason, here’s a beautiful folding desk ($50 on Amazon) that you can set up in minutes — that’s less than your commute was, right? — and work with your body in a healthier position.

A small floating shelf so you can tap the wall space for storage

Mount this little custom-made floating shelf ($26 on Etsy) to the wall to store an often-used desk accessory or decorative item that makes you feel happy at work. Or mount a collection of them for your books, reference materials, and cat. You can choose the wood and the size of the shelves to create whatever you need.

A clamp-on keyboard tray that turns any table into an ergonomic desk

Including ergonomics in your home office design is super important if you don’t want wrist and neck pain to impede your productivity. Add a clamp-on keyboard tray ($64 on Amazon) to your desk and you can work for hours without hurting your hands or wrist. And, if your desk is the dining-room table, you can unclamp it and break it down at the end of the day.

A beautiful mouse pad

beautiful mouse pads for home office

How has it never occurred to me before that the space under the mouse is an opportunity to display something beautiful? The floral mouse pad ($9 at Amazon — shown) or these beautiful nd extra large magic mushroom mouse and gaming pad sets at Etsy ($25.20) will turn that dead space into something pretty. There are so many to choose from, though, that I might spend a little time enjoying option paralysis before I commit.

This wall desk if you have no space for a home office

This wall desk ($68) is a brilliant solution if you really have no space for WFH. All you need is a comfy chair and a keyboard — with this wall desk mounted at the right height for you to look at the screen — and you’ll be sorted, aesthetically and ergonomically. When you aren’t working, fold it flat against the wall. It’s a terrific modern element when it’s closed or open.

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