Email from a Friend

Okay, gents. Clear the room. I want to talk to the ladies.

So, girlfriends, you know that annoying ‘friend’ who comes to visit every month, makes you miserable, and stays too long?

(Are you with me? Because you know the guys are all still listening. You can’t tell them to leave the room and expect that they actually will! So I’m doing this stupid 1950’s code speak.)

And as if this mandatory ‘visit’ weren’t bad enough, your doctor also wants you to keep track of when said Friend arrived and left. Worse, if you are planning a romantic vacation to a tropical island, you have to be very careful about the dates you choose or your annoying and messy friend will come with and spoil half the fun.

Don’t you ever wish this Friend kept a Web site so you can check its upcoming schedule? And how about if it got some manners and sent an email a few days before it was planning to arrive? (You knew this was going to get geeky.)

Time was, I used to use a bit of software (Woman Calendar from to keep track of these matters. I could glance at its calendar when scheduling my life, whip out my Palm at the doctor’s office, and at least have some idea when this Friend was planning to show up. But lately, I switched to a Web site service called It lets me see my Friend’s schedule for months in advance simply because I click on the date when it shows up. The site does all the math and keeps track of things I would never bother with—ovulation, fertile times, etc. also sends me an email to let me know my friend will be here in three days. (You can tell it how much notice you prefer.)


5 thoughts on “Email from a Friend

  1. Yay for depo provera! No monthly friends!

  2. you could check a website or have you friend surgically removed from your life. that’s what I did! haven’t missed her since!

  3. Well, I used to have a friend, a monthly visitor annoyingly prompt and trustworthy. She left. No call, no note, no nothing. I guess I got too old for her.

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