Did you scramble to get an iPhone 3G?

Waiting in line is not my way. The (old) iPhone is not my way. (I like a phone to be a good phone FIRST.) And racing to get something the minute it comes out is not my way. On the other hand, I do like to get gadgets before they come out and review them here (and in the magazines I write for) so my readers can make an intelligent choice. But that’s not something Apple allows. (The company is notorious for not talking to or providing review units to the press.)

Still there is no doubt that folks love to love that iPhone. Today, though, it looks like love sucks.

My advice with all Apple launches (and Microsoft’s) is to wait. Wait till you can read what those geeks who get paid to live at the cutting edge think of it. Wait till the dust settles. Wait till the lines die down. Then, if you still want it, stroll in and get when you are good and ready.

In short: Word is that the 3G network is about what you’d expect and not as fast as the claims would have you believe. The new iPhone 3Gis actually a better phone the older iPhone. Other changes are pretty subtle.

If you got one, though, please let us all know if you like it.

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