The Early Black Friday Deal on the Surface Pro 9 that Will Power Your Business

Get the Surface Pro 9 for $500 off in this early Black Friday sale at Best Buy

Surface Pro 9

This powerful Surface Pro 9 ($999) is portable, versatile, and capable of running your business from anywhere.

It is an amazing $500 off in this early Black Friday sale at Best Buy. But hurry. These will not last.

I have been stalking the Surface Pro 9 for months. I own a much older model and love everything about it — except that it is now too small and underpowered for me. This is the upgrade I want. And this is the price I have been waiting for. It is — really — typically $500 more than this.

This deal comes with the Graphite Keyboard, which normally sells for $180 on Amazon (and most places.) It does not come with a pen.

With a fast processor, plenty of memory and storage, and a snap-off (and on) keyboard, this machine is not a wimpy tablet. It is a powerful computer that goes quickly to a lap or stand-friendly tablet. It is the kind of machine you can take anywhere and use in any position.

I often work while lounging in an armchair or traveling. And this machine moves with me into whatever position I’m working in. It lets me get work done in what otherwise would have been waiting time. And sometimes, as every freelancer knows, it is those small moments while waiting for a plane or dentist when you can focus and knock out a job.

Mine is on its way to me. I am thrilled to have found this machine at this price. Hurry up and get yours!

Pro tip: The Microsoft Pen ($78) is spendy. But this RENAISSER Raphael 520 Stylus for Surface is a delightful writing tool with a seemingly endless battery life. It is only $33.

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