I’m in full summer watersports swing here. In the last three days, I’ve been kayaking twice and surfing once. Each time, I’ve had several text-addicted teens along. Fortunately, the folks at CleverWraps sent me some samples of their protective bags for cell phones earlier this year. ($9.99 for a pack of five.) I’ve been meaning to try them out. But this week they suddenly became madly useful. Rather than fight with a teen about bringing a phone on a water-and-sand-heavy activity, I simply handed her one of these sealable plastic bags designed to fit cell phones and warned her not to get her phone wet. Then when I see a phone getting tossed into a bag and that bag being dropped into a kayak, I don’t even cringe.  The kids (okay, me too) can still text while the phone is in the wrapper. And I didn’t have to order a special (expensive) case for each kid’s phone. I just handed out protective bags to each kid. No phones were lost to water in the making of any of our fun activities. I deem these little doodads worth having around. In fact, I might get some for my tablet PC ($14.99 for a pack of three).