Dizzying Change

The Target near my house recently underwent a complete remodel. Unawares, I went there with my two teens. We wandered helplessly through the once-familiar aisles, everything we once recognized scrambled and turned upside down leaving us lost, confused, and unable to simply grab toothpaste and be tempted by goods we didn’t need. I actually felt dizzy, as Continue Reading

Get My Kids Out of the House!

It’s that point in the summer where even my kids are bored. After a hard year of school, they started out the summer wanting to do absolutely nothing: Sleep late, have sleepovers with friends, stay up late, not have to pack lunch, and spend every day doing whatever they felt like. Some of my fondest Continue Reading

Be the Reviewer

I have gotten several announcements lately about services I wish I could try out. I usually only cover things here that I’ve tried and like. But I’m curious about these and — for one reason or another — can’t test them. Maybe you would like to try them and report in the comments? Here they Continue Reading

Stress Solved

All this talk of Mother’s Day (because of my giveaway and the subsequent “wish lists” my fascinating readers are sharing there) made me think of something a friend said recently. It stuck with me because his comment exposed a part of him that I think every wife and mother would want to run right over Continue Reading

Help Staying on Track

I recently got a pitch from a public relations professional who works for Weight Watchers. I get this sort of pitch all the time and they are often informative, usually about the product the PR person is being paid to represent. I rarely run them here. But I’m making an exception this time because Charlie Continue Reading

Crazy World of Apps

Sometimes I think the world has gone “App” crazy. Just yesterday, I responded with urgency to what sounded like an all-out cat fight in my living room. (We have two cats. They do fight but usually in an amiable way.) When I rushed to the fur-flinging scene though, I discovered the ruckus was being caused Continue Reading

Better Last-Minute Shopping

I am pretty much done when it comes to Christmas shopping. But there is always a last minute item or two that escaped my advance-planning-and-take-advantage-of-free-shipping-and-online-sales campaign. It’s inevitable. I will probably think of it today since yesterday was free shipping day. So this morning I’ve been taking Milo.com for a spin. (Mostly because the company Continue Reading

Black Friday Warning

I have been literally pelted with announcements, predictions, and analysis of the year’s biggest shopping day – Black Friday, upcoming on Friday – and the year’s biggest online shopping day –CyberMonday, upcoming the Monday after turkey Day. This herd behavior as regards shopping has never really appealed to me. I know there are deals to Continue Reading