You’ve Got Mail!

Some folks at AOL recently contacted me and asked me to do a demo of their new email service designed to make staying connected fast and simple, (See video demo above.) The online tool is still in private beta named – appropriately – Project Phoenix by AOL mail. I was intrigued. And I tried to be serious and professional Continue Reading

Be the Reviewer

I have gotten several announcements lately about services I wish I could try out. I usually only cover things here that I’ve tried and like. But I’m curious about these and — for one reason or another — can’t test them. Maybe you would like to try them and report in the comments? Here they Continue Reading

Stress Solved

All this talk of Mother’s Day (because of my giveaway and the subsequent “wish lists” my fascinating readers are sharing there) made me think of something a friend said recently. It stuck with me because his comment exposed a part of him that I think every wife and mother would want to run right over Continue Reading

Minty Fresh

Okay, you all know I’m a fan of, right? But there is one little thing that has bugged – till today — me about it. If I write a check, I have to write that down somewhere and remember about it till it clears my bank before it shows up in my budget on Continue Reading

Books by Mail

I have been indulging lately in some guilty reading. In fact, my daughter and I have both been somewhat obsessive about our page-turners. We’ve been burning through mysteries (in my case) and cat-based epics (in hers) so fast neither of us would have money left over for anything else if we were paying cash for Continue Reading