How to Choose a Smart Phone

I did a phone conference recently with some folks from Qualcomm. These are the people who make the processor that’s powering that smart phone you can’t live without. I’ve done my share of “processor-level meetings” in my day. So I have a little post-traumatic meeting stress related to them. One year at a trade show – Continue Reading

A Primer on Skype

Someone recently asked me to help her understand why she should use Skype. Personally, I think it’s fun to download tools that I don’t understand and play with them till I do. But, not everyone feels that way. If you already use Skype, you can skip this post. But if you have been meaning to Continue Reading

Never Forget a Thing

[ I wrote this piece originally back in 2009. But things have changed. This is an update.] “I turned in all my homework and am now getting mostly As. Will you turn my phone back on?” –my daughter “Will you take me to a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday?” –my mother “We need to pay taxes!” Continue Reading

A Teachable Moment

If you are feeling sad over the passing of Steve Jobs – as are most of us are just now – and you have kids old enough to wonder why, maybe this is what we like to call in the parenting trade,  a “teachable moment?” Technology might drive you crazy. You might long for a time Continue Reading