Does This Boy Deserve a Halo?

My 12–year-old recently informed me that our gaming system isn’t very cool. Before I give too much credence to this middle-school-hipness angst, I want to point out that I’m on the press list at most of the game publishers and we often receive games before they get to the stores. Cole has a signed-by-Will-Wright poster Continue Reading

Parental Controls: Your Job Not the Government’s

Adam Thierer gives a persuasive rundown of The Perils of Mandatory Parental Controls and Restrictive Defaults [warning: that’s a PDF] in our computers and other communications devices at the Progress and Freedom Foundation site. There has been legislative noise that we women can’t handle the complex task of keeping our kids safe online—even though we Continue Reading

Legislators Think Mom’s Can’t Handle the Job

It seems our leaders are worried that we Mom’s aren’t up to the task. They are hatching a scheme to require that the Internet bend over backward to make up for our shortcomings. According to a press release issued this morning by the Progress and Freedom Foundation, “Prompted by child safety concerns, some legislators and state attorneys Continue Reading