Get that Kid a Game that Teaches Coding!

  I’m the game geek here at Geek Girlfriends.  Teaching kids coding through games is all the rage this year and the //CODE Programming Game Series by the folks at Thinkfun are designed to do exactly that. I was skeptical that a game with such a goal, could be fun. But, if it’s a game, I’ll Continue Reading

Medical Mysteries

I just endured an hour-long conference call with a dozen or so people. In a situation like that, keeping the mind limber and engaged (but not too engaged for sanity’s sake) without making too much noise or tuning out completely is an essential skill.  I find that the right secondary activity is the key to Continue Reading

A Mystery at Sea

Since I’m on a total girl detective binge, I couldn’t resist downloading The Mystery of the Mary Celeste. (There is a 1-hour free trial. The full version is $19.95.) A historical mystery? I’m a sucker for those. And the promise of discovering a possible solution to what happened to the passengers on the real Mary Continue Reading

And We All Played Braid

Over the weekend, I took a spin through my new game section here on and bought myself a game. My son Cole (13) was playing a complicated war game with his friends (over a voice connection) on Xbox Live. My daughter was playing with her Nintendo DS. No one wanted to talk to me Continue Reading

That Was a Grand Adventure

Okay, so I know none of you fell for my (and Microsoft’s!) April Fool’s joke yesterday. I don’t have a copy of Alpine Legend to give away because Microsoft never made that game. The company only made that hilarious promo video and Web site for April Fool’s Day. It was so funny, I watched it Continue Reading