Five Great (Bargain) Finds

Steam Punk Bling Who says handmade and unique has to be expensive? I bought a pair of these earrings and love them. I’ll be going back for more of this artist’s creations. They turn humble hardware – washers, in this case – into a bit of casual bling. Hard to beat that $12 price tag – especially for something Continue Reading

Better Last-Minute Shopping

I am pretty much done when it comes to Christmas shopping. But there is always a last minute item or two that escaped my advance-planning-and-take-advantage-of-free-shipping-and-online-sales campaign. It’s inevitable. I will probably think of it today since yesterday was free shipping day. So this morning I’ve been taking for a spin. (Mostly because the company Continue Reading

The Price of Zombie Eyes

I recently had an argument with my husband over the price of Zombie-white contact lenses for use in a Halloween costume. (We love Halloween and take the costume bit rather seriously.) It was a stupid argument, admittedly. He thought something this frivolous would be nearly free because he believes things are priced based on how Continue Reading

On the Scent of a Bargain

I recently placed an order for some lotions at At the end of the checkout process, I was asked to choose three free samples. I picked mostly perfumes because those tiny sample perfume bottles are so handy for traveling. One of the samples I got was Flower by Kenzo. I tried the stuff and Continue Reading

Be the Inventor

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a product? I’ve had many over the years. Some of them seemed life changing at the moment of inspiration. But I can’t remember a single one of them now. The ideas come to me when I’m struggling with some task for which the perfect product does not Continue Reading

Paying for College

My kids are only just beginning to brush up against the teen years but I’m already worried about how we are going to pay for college. I recently spoke to Grant Baldwin, the author of, a site full of financial advice for students and Reality Check, a book about money – and life – Continue Reading