Can I Have My Own Sidekick?

I have a T-Mobile Sidekick in my hands this week and I love it. I want to keep it. I want to give it a cute nickname and have it always at my side. Heck, I’ll even buy it some tights and a cape if that’s what it wants. But I, apparently, can’t have one.

I think I have said before that I’m a traditional gal when it comes to cell phones. I use a Motorola RAZR because it’s a great phone and I like my phone to be a phone first. For any serious text-messaging, mobile Internet, and mobile email stuff (where I don’t have Wi-Fi), I connect my Razr to my Palm TX PDA. It sounds like a jury-rigged arrangement but it’s actually a great solution. I mean that. No joke. It’s economical and I make no compromises. Sure I have to carry two devices instead of one but I’m a girl. I carry a purse with 6 lipsticks, a camera, and a lot of other useless stuff already so that doesn’t bother me. When I’m texting or using Google Maps from my Palm, my cell phone stays in my purse. Since the two are connected via Bluetooth they need only need to be reasonably near each other. (Let me know (in the comments) if you want to hear more about that. I’d be happy to do a tutorial.)

But I was talking about this Sidekick—the “Little Buddy,” “Robin” or “Barnacle Boy” I want for my very own. I know this gizmo is the mobile device of choice for teens and Hollywood moguls. And those aren’t types I usually try to emulate. But I don’t care. This is a sweet little phone. I want it. It does a very satisfying flip and twist thing when you access the QWERTY keyboard. And that keyboard is just the right size. Also it’s a nice phone for talking into, the operating system is a cinch to figure out, and—this is the beauty part—you can snap off the cover and change the color whenever you want. You can even log on and design your own cover and snap that on. Pictured is a cover I designed myself. It only took me a few minutes using the designs on the site. But I could upload my own photos or art to make a truly custom design. I could change my cover every month if I felt like putting $14.99 a month into my budget for phone outfits.

Oh, I want one. But, though I have a review unit in here from T-Mobile, I’m not a T-Mobile customer. Drat. I checked four times since I got the Sidekick in to see if I could switch from AT&T to T-Mobile to get one. No go. I didn’t know I needed a Sidekick. But now that I do know, how can I carry on without one?