When I’m busy, I rely on my smart phone. So it’s always on a super busy day, that it decides to start demanding a charge at around dinner time. But I don’t want to stop and charge it. I want to take photos. I want to make phone calls.  I want directions. I want to use that time while I’m waiting for my daughter to finish her tennis lesson to catch up on the emails I’ve been ignoring all day. Or I want to use it to tether my tablet to my smart phone’s Internet connection to some of that. So I am a huge fan of the in-purse backup battery. At the moment, I am sporting this adorable iGO Power Trip 4700 ($60) in purple.

When my battery starts to die, I get it out, plug my phone into it and keep on going. It’s a cute personal accessory and it doesn’t tie me to a power outlet.

Bonus: If I am out with friends — or my two teens — and someone starts lamenting a dying phone, I can be the picture of grace, preparedness, and good manners and plug their phone into my battery. There will plenty of power left for my gear.

Tip: The iGo Portable Battery 4700 is cheaper in black at TheNerds. Click on this link to see.

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