Better Last-Minute Shopping

I am pretty much done when it comes to Christmas shopping. But there is always a last minute item or two that escaped my advance-planning-and-take-advantage-of-free-shipping-and-online-sales campaign. It’s inevitable. I will probably think of it today since yesterday was free shipping day.

So this morning I’ve been taking for a spin. (Mostly because the company has been pelting me with announcements during these feverish shopping days.)

What if I were to remember today that I forgot to buy my son the laptop he wants for Christmas? I could run all over town comparison shopping. Or I could buy the first unit I find that meets my requirements– damn the price. Or I could type “laptop” (and the brand if I’m so inclined) and my zip code into the search bar at and find out who has what and what it costs before I get up from my desk.

I did that last one. And there is was: Every laptop in town, what they cost and if they are actually in stock in the store. It’s a good thing I planned ahead because my choices look pretty limited on this front.

I wish I had known about when I was recently searching for a copy of Apocalypse Now my son wanted to watch for a school project. I called three places in town that day and finally gave up and borrowed it from a friend’s library. A quick search at told me it was in stock at Best Buy (where I never thought to call) and cost $14.99. Well, I’ll never get the hour back that I spent searching for that last-minute purchase two weeks ago. But at least I know what to do next time my procrastinating son makes an arcane demand like that on a tight deadline:

Buy at!

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