Bag Hunt Commences

Did I mention my new laptop? Well, it is adorable and so, I believe, it deserves an adorable bag. Out of devotion to my new bit of technical bling I am embarking on an all out Bag Hunt here on I have requested lightweight, every day, laptop bags from some of my favorite purse and luggage designers—both small, cottage-industry designers and big manufacturers. And for the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring new bags as as I get them.

I found this bag, though, completely by accident while I was shopping for tea and wine at World Market last night. (That’s my 9-year-old daughter modeling it.) It fits my shiny red (approximately 15″ x 11″ — outside dimensions) Gateway M series laptop perfectly and has two outside pockets to stash small extras in. It’s constructed from pleasant-to-the-touch, quilted 100% cotton. I got the red floral but there were other colors, including a staid grey if you this is too loud for you.

This is not a bag for hauling the laptop, charger, extra work gear, and sundries on a cross-country trip. But it’s perfect for grabbing the laptop to take to a lunch meeting or to hang around waiting while a kid takes piano lessons. And at this price ($10.99) I see no reason not to own this little satchel as well as a more substantial bag for commuting or traveling.

These are not available on the World Market Web site but they had lots of them—and also some cute sleeves made from a similar fabric but with no handle—in the store. You can find stores near you here.




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