Are You Lost? (Giveaway!)


I have some friendships that have been hindered by geography and an innate inability to follow directions. For example, I once invited a friend (I’ll call her L.) to my house for an evening of dinner and festivities. I provided her with excellent directions. But some places are difficult to navigate and this was when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. When L. was an hour late, I knew she was lost. With some people, I might have assumed something else – rudeness, personal emergency, fashion crisis. But everyone knew that, for L., finding her way across the Bay Bridge to my home in the Oakland Hills was a challenge — the way climbing Everest might be for someone else. She was determined to do it though because she felt it was something she needed to master. But, when she was late, I was worried. Because there are some places you don’t want to get lost if you are a tiny, frightened redhead. (And East Oakland — where she might have wound up if she took a few wrong turns — is one of them.)

Finally, she called – hysterical -and I was able to give her turn by turn directions. Still that hour of horror is 60 minutes of her life she will never get back.

Today, those turn-by-turn directions are something she can keep in her purse. So she never has to go through anything like that again. (She is, in fact, much empowered now by a GPS to attain new, previously unattempted addresses.)


So, in honor of anyone who has ever gotten lost, today I am giving away three one-year subscriptions to TeleNav GPS Navigator. (A value of $120 per prize package.) Above is an image of how it looks on the iPhone.

This is a GPS, turn-by-turn direction service that runs on your cell phone so you don’t need to carry another gadget. If you get lost in the woods (or in your own town), just turn to your cell phone for directions home. (Check here to see if it will work with your mobile phone.)

How do you enter? Just tell a story – in the comments – of being lost. It doesn’t have to be you that got lost. Just so long as someone did. (Misery loves company, right? And I want to share with L. so she will know she’s not the only one.)

This contest is closed! We had three winners.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Lost? (Giveaway!)

  1. My brother treated my mother to a trip in a hot air balloon for her 70th birthday, Eventually they got the call to say the trip with 8 other people was to take place the following day.
    My brother phoned the company and asked for directions to the meeting point as part of the experience was that everyone would meet at a pub and a coach would take them to the balloon. She gave him the codes for his GPS and they headed off. Warning bells should have rung when they headed in the opposite direction. My mom said maybe phone and check but my brother said we are fine we are following the GPS. When mountains came into sight any woman would have phoned the Company to see if they were on the right track. Eventually over an hour and half later they pulled in to a pub and it seemed as if they had reached their destination but there was no one there. He phoned the receptionist of course they were miles away from the meeting point through no ones fault, the right code had been put in the GPS but for some reason it had led him to the Wicklow mountains. They missed the trip. Ended up on a beautiful day with a view from the ground. Now if a woman was driving the car she would have phoned the company long before then but then men never like asking for directions. That was last Aug, and are still waiting on weather conditions to have their trip, but next time he might check the map before he heads out just to be sure !

  2. Tell a story about getting lost – when am I not lost. I get lost in my own neighborhood. My favorite story though is one that I repeat a lot. When my husband and I were newly married we were visiting my parents in my hometown. There was a lot of traffic on the direct route so he wanted to take an alternate. I said, no – I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t want to be lost. He insisited. 30 minutes later (the trip should have taken 10) he was yelling at me – “how do you not know where you are? You lived here for 18 years…this is your backyard. What is wrong with you!” I had no clue where I was – and I had lived there for 18 years, but never figured out how to get around. It was sad…we still have those fights – but now he just laughs at me and expects me to be lost!

  3. When I was a kid we were lost once and pulled in to a gas station to buy a map. As soon as Dad got out of the car to go procure one, Mom said “Might as well give a map to a monkey.”

    (He can’t use a GPS either.)

  4. My sister and I are about to embark on a trip from Florida – up through the back roads – Outer Bank Islands – to Anapolis for crab, then to Washington, DC for – so many sights – including the Smithsonian Institute. Then we will return via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Now – we are women “of a certain age” who travel very well together – mostly because we use our perssonal, patented U-turn. I am the driver and my sister “navigates”. This frequently involves her saying “Oops – we have to take THAT road – turn around”.

    There is also the question of the left left-turn or the right left-turn. A command to take a left turn is sometimes accompanied with hands waving — toward the right. And then the question from me – the driver – do you want me to take a left left-turn or a right left-turn.

    The answer? Oops – make a U-turn.

    We need all the help we can get. [And a definitive definition of “left-turn”!

  5. Ok. When I was 19, it was Christmas day and I had to pick up my brother who was in the Navy and stationed in south jersey. I left my sisters in PA at 8am to pick him up by 10am. Plenty of time! My brother tells me he doesnt know the exit off of the Parkway so to just ask the toll guy when I hit the big bridge what exit the naval base is. I do, and he tells me to take an exit an follow it toward the ocean. Well, two hours later, no gas and in the middle of no-where, I am lost!! This was the age before cell phones, so I drive another five miles trying to find an open gas station (remember it’s christmas day) and I finally find a pay phone. ( I didn’t see one person!). I call my dad crying hysterically. He tells me turn around and drive the hour back the direction I came. Turns out the toll guy told me the wrong exit and the wrong direction. I finally get to the base at around 1pm and my brother is standing in the snow so mad at me he yelled the whole way home. Of course I had to drive him back that night. That is one of many, many random travels through NJ!

  6. I fell asleep on the bus home from high school once. We’d just moved and I wasn’t familiar with the route. When I woke up, we were in the middle of a bunch of sugar cane fields. It was freaky. My mom still won’t let me forget it.

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