A Teeny Weeny Mobile Giveaway

Have you seen these teensy weensy memory cards from SanDisk? They make them in many capacities but the Mobile Ultra 8GB is pretty cool. According to SanDisk it is designed to “wake up” any modern mobile phone by giving it enough capacity to hold your music, photos, and videos without hitting that irritating out of memory message.

And I’m giving one away to you lucky GeekGirlfriends.com readers. (Read on to find out how you can win one

It’s a bit hard to grasp how cool these things are till you hold one in your hand but here is a picture:

Once you get past the incredible small size of these little doodads, the other cool thing is how easy it is to get your music off your computer and onto your phone using one. Sandisk sent me a goofy video that shows how this works (if you are reading this in a feed and can’t see the video, you essentially pop the USB reader the card is in in this photo into the USB port of your computer and load files onto it just as you would with a key drive. Then pop it out, take the little memory card out of the USB adapter, and put it in your phone.) Here is the video: SanDisk Ultra How TO


Okay, want one? Just post something in the comments and I’ll run the Randomizer 9000 to choose a winner. Good luck!

11 thoughts on “A Teeny Weeny Mobile Giveaway

  1. Is it possible to use with a camera as well?

  2. i want i want i want! I just won a slotmusic player and need a memory card to start loading all my tunes onto…. pick me pick me pick me!!!

  3. Ooh, that is teeny!

  4. I have been wanting one of these but haven’t motivated myself to get one.

  5. Thanks for the tweet about your giveaway. Social media enabled free things rock!

  6. I sent a ntoe to my contact at SanDisk to get an answer to Judy’s question, “Does it work with the iPhone.” And she thinks the answer is, “No.” The iPhone is a closed system that doesn’t accept a memory card.

    That’s to keep you buying your tunes at iTunes!

  7. I love itsy, bitsy teeny stuff. It’s an illness, really. 🙂

  8. Does it work with an iPhone?

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