The folks at JimmyJane sent me the preview of the movie Hysteria (above.) It looks hilarious.

I’m a fan of technologies that make life more fun. And I’ll watch anything with Rupert Everett in it. So, even without the fascinating, hysterical, and apparently true(ish) history of how the invention of the vibrator changed medicine and improved women’s lives, I was ready to brave the movie theater for this one.

JimmyJane has partnered with Hysteria and released its own Hysteria Collection of toys to go with the film’s May 18th theatrical release. The company suggested some prescriptions that show how far this particular technology has come since the 1800s and that might help you cope with your own hysteria. Perhaps you want to try some of those out after viewing the film?

What do you think? Should I try to arrange a giveaway? 🙂

“Just imagine if everyone had one!”