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Way back in January, I answered a question from one of my readers about how to get her old photos out of a big messy box and into a neat online gallery like all the photos she takes now with a digital camera. As part of my answer, I gave away a $50 gift card from ScanDigital.com.

Today — with Mother’s Day fast approaching — I have another $50 gift card from ScanDigital to give away. This gift card would combine nicely with the Mother’s Day specials (below) that ScanDigital is running to get your or your mom a huge number of photo memories archived and shareable for a very low price.

I asked Maureen how her experience getting rid of that big box of photos with ScanDigital went and she quickly replied that she has become quite a fan of the service. She packed up over 50 photos of her now-grown kids, wedding shots, and even some family photos that dated back the 20s into the prepaid shipping box ScanDigital sent her and shipped them off. A few days later, she checked the ScanDigital site for progress on her order. “All bureaucracies could take a lesson from this website,” she says. The progress reports were very reassuring. And a few days later, the online gallery of all her photos was available for her to view.

“All the photos were perfect!” she says. So she decided to send her daughter’s wedding pictures in as well. “It was so quick and painless and now we can print up to 8X10 sized images whenever we want,” she says.

Now, though, Maureen says she has a dilemma. “They sent the originals back! It is so hard to consider actually throwing them away. Fortunately, my daughter wants the originals from her wedding. So the boxes of photos lives on!”

But so does her online gallery and CD of archived photos.

 eBags, Inc.

Note: Leslie won this one! Congratulations!

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  1. Lots of black and white pictures of my grandparents and mom (when she was growing up). Groovy pictures in the 70’s of my cousin and me raised together, for all intents and purposes, with our bell botoms and maxi/mini outfits on display. Vacation pictures galore also lurk in the vinyl Estee Lauder cosmetic box all the really important old pictures are kept in. Thanks for the chance.

  2. What’s in my box of photos? Dust, dirt, Photos, Slides, Negatives, the works. I must warm you however, once opening this box. You will waiver any right in returning reality. Upon gazing into this box of life, You will find an abundance of treasured memories, tears of joy and sadness, Forgotten moments, and endearing times. Lost loves, true loves, and a loving of life all together, an overwhelming supply of scenic beauty, and surreal surrender.

    My box isn’t just an ordinary box of old photos, its full of lives once lived to the fullest and keepsakes unimaginable to everyone else. My box is full of hard times and easy living, good times as well as the bad, and growing up to getting old. Family members and friends all live in this box as well as myself.. The only problem is my box keeps getting older and older dustier and dustier.

    I just wish there was some way I can cherish and prolong my life and the life of my friends and family forever…because isn’t that what everyone wants? An opportunity to remain immortal amongst pictures in history forever.

  3. My messy box of photos has a ton of high school pictures and family pictures from when i was a kid

  4. Incriminating photos of my youth!

  5. wow…pictures of my parents honeymoon, my dad’s 1st birthday party (1934 no less), my baptism, the circus parade in Milwaukee WI 1965, my 8th grade graduation, my family looking exactly like the Brady bunch, and on and on!

  6. i have a huge box of pre baby photos from around the worl that i would love to archive..this way i can relive my travelling days with my hubby!

  7. I have it all. Pictures of me, my family, my band days. all my high school memories. Alot of my kids before digital cameras. Alot of memories.

  8. About a third of my 2 1/2 car garage is full of pictures, videos of events, art projects. I only have one child who is going to be 19 years old soon.
    I even have some of my Grandfather’s glass plates of pictures.

  9. There are centuries of photos in there–and I mean that, literally. When my dad died and my mom moved into assisted living, I inherited hundreds of pix because I’m the family historian. The photos include my father’s WW II army pix (he was in the photography division of the now-defunct Army Air Corps); a picture of my smiling parents standing on the roof of the World Trade Center; dozens of images taken by my great grandfather in the late 1800s/early 1900s at his photography studio on the Lower East Side of NYC. And tons of pix of my daughter, who’s now 13, that I’ve never had the time to make into an album.

    It would take me centuries to scan the dang things since I’m a mom who works at a nonprofit (read: tons of work, no time, little pay). Once I have all the images scanned, I’d like to do a digital storytelling project with them (I’m being ambitious here, but digital storytelling is my new obsession–and these pix carry lots of stories with them).


  10. I have so many pictures in a box so large and heavy I can no longer pick it up…and I actually have pics in there that I have been wanting to look at just a few weeks ago for my birthday, but there were just too many to dig through to get to the ones I wanted. Thank goodness for digital photography, and for a good “hard copy” of only the very best!

  11. Family, festival celebrations, friends friends friends friends friends friends ………. all the photos I tool everytime I went out with my gang. Pictures from my university … classrooms, labs, hangout venues … my new car, new apartment, new office.

  12. Photos my mom & dad passed down to me of me on the changing table, dad in the Navy, childhood home, and family photos of those no longer with us. Needs to be digitized in a big way.

  13. I have tons of photos- where do I start? My childhood photos, my wedding, my kids’ baby photos, etc. I would also use this prize for my parent’s photos. My kids have never seen their grandparents as young kids and think they would get a real kick out of it! Thanks!

  14. My box has the best photos. There are pictures of my children naked in the tub, another with their faces covered with black paint, in one my son has a sheepish look on his face as he sports his sister’s underwear on his head, in another he has the face of an angel as he gets ready to go to church. I have pictures of a witch, a flower, a hot fudge sundae, and various super heros as my children got ready to go off to trick or treating. We have loads of pictures of my husband and myself sleeping, that is from when my daughter got her first camera. Our vacation photos are not quite the typical family shots of mom, dad and the kids. Our children would seek out places where in the photo it looked as if they were jumping off the end of the earth. So from the dunes in Michigan, to the canyons in Arizona, to the cliffs in California we have shots of children jumping into the abyss. We have had lots of fun over the years and I would love the opportunity to convert these photos into digital form.

  15. O.K. I wouldn’t be using it for myself. I would take the pictures that my mother had stored for years and years, then had my sister try to separate them in to four group of pictures so all of my siblings and my self would have some pictures of our own to treasure….(Ach! What a job). Needless to say, we never got thru them or back to them. I would take all the pictures and put them together so all my siblings could see them all together as a keepsake for all of us and we could each have our own copy. Thanks Scanmyphotos for making my life easy and geekgirlfriends for helping!!!!

  16. Pictures of our wedding and my maid-of-honor former best friend whom I haven’t spoken to in 3 years (weird), pictures of my kids and dogs, pictures of me and my brothers growing up and my mom who died 6 years ago, pictures of our old farmhouse that we spent years restoring, and even more pictures of the kids and dogs.

  17. My mother’s maiden name was Wood. Who left the pictures of the wedding and their last name was hypen -Wood???

  18. Oh my big messy boxes are crammed full of memories from the past. My deceased parents and other family members who have long gone. The baby brother my husband never got to meet. Pictures of times gone by of ME….skinny me, fat me, young me and old me. But I’d have to admit my favorites and most precious are those black and white photo’s of my grandparents that I never knew. I really hope to archive them somehow for my children and grandchildren. I want to make sure that their great grandparents will never be forgotten and that their way of life is forever memorialized. Thank you for this awesome contest!!

  19. I just want to chime in here and tell you I have used ScanMyPhotos and it was an amazing experience. AMAZING.

    I rescued family photos from shoe boxes and albums and took them to ScanMyPhotos. And while I WAITED over 1000 photos (all different sizes) was scanned onto ONE DVD disc. I had 3 copies made (one for me, one for my mom and one for a fire proof safe!)

    And while I was there? A news crew was there filming!!!! Wanna see?


    How cool is that?????

    Really ScanMyPhotos is the best thing since the camera was invented!

  20. My grandparents photographs! They are in dire need of cataloging and repair. Plus, we need an easy way to share with all the relatives!

  21. In my box of old photos lives a million promises to organize the memories; a million promises to take care of images of people long dead or almost forgotten; baby food pictures and first steps; hugs and kisses and dirty looks.
    In my box of old photos there are polaroid originals and black and whites that need to be saved from the attic.

  22. OK, I have the standard wedding, family shots, baby shots from the pre-digital era, but thanks to Facebook, everyone is posting high school photos … and I want to get mine up there! I have a ton, including a few of a future celebrity (no, nothing incriminating; but just fun to see how celebs looked in high school … we all had our awkward years).

    More importantly, however, I have a lot of photos from my late grandparents and their relatives. Having the pictures in digital format would give my recently widowed aunt and my recently retired father a great project to work on together virtually (they live very far apart). The internet has been a great help to my aunt who lives alone (and not near any of us), but she bought a mac and is becoming quite a “geek girlfriend,” and I’d love to encourage her!

    Diane K. Danielson

  23. Wow! Most of the photos are in a really deep Rubbermaid bin. My brother and I are the only ones left and I have all these b/ws, colored slides and photos from as far back as the 40s. I’ve been mulling over how to make a ‘gallery’ for his three children …. And us, too!

  24. I was hyper-organized one weekend years ago and bought a dozen or so interesting photo albums anticipating that would hinder the growth of my litter of photo-filled boxes multiplying like bunnies at the top of our closet. The boxes refused to stop growing and the albums just fill in the gaps between them. They’re filled with pictures I took (or was given) of my family, friends, and kids at home, on vacation, etc., as well as all those pesky double (and even free triple) prints I (sheepishly) never gave away but always always meant to…

  25. I don’t even want to consider the photos from the last century and my husband’s father who still prints two copies of each photo he takes. We have a deceased great-aunt’s filing cabinet filled with family photos….I wouldn’t know where to begin.
    One project we would scan started when we got married. Almost nine years ago we handed out disposable cameras at our wedding…we developed all the photos, including the ones taken by the ankle biters documenting the gum under the reception tables.

  26. Ugh. Yes. That box. Or should I say, those boxes. Photos of a much-younger me all dolled up for a college dance. Photos of boyfriends past and friends who have passed away. Photos from my teaching stints in Korea. Photos from the Heroic Trip to Italy — with my husband, his boss, and my mother. Photos from my sister’s wedding on the beach. Photos from my book research trips. The last photos of our first dog. The first photos of the dog now sleeping on my lap. Photos from my days before my husband. Photos of his days before me. And that chronicle of our courtship and the last decade of marriage, too.

    They are all trapped together in that never-never land of photo safe boxes — the sad, the sweet, the elegant and the mundane (not to mention the unflattering). Together they represent decades of moments I never wanted to forget and some which I have already forgotten.

    I long to put them together into books… to digitally create that ultimate record of our lives.


  27. Tons of Photos from when i was a kid and when My first niece was a baby.Before Digital Cameras were really popular enough for us to afford one. There are also alot of my sister as a kid – If I won i would put 2gether some personalized gift for my sister who doesnt have a lot of baby pictures from when she was with her mother and my dad before they split up. and My nana has tons of photos that i would love to make digital.

    Normal but sentimental stuff

  28. Tons of photos of me traveling and sightseeing. My Mom, Dad and baby brother from birth to now. And the occasional relative posing from where they are. Usual suspects. 😀

  29. I’m glad to know I’m not alone and that there are other members of the “I have many and multiple boxes of old photos that I can’t bear to throw it but I know ONE DAY I’ll have time to go through!” So, like many of the others here, my boxes include photos from my childhood, teen years, college years, single years, young married years and then the digital camera arrived. BUT, then the kids arrived and their schools have their photo days and the photos have returned to the boxes. You know the scene: “Hmmm, I’ll just order Package C because I can mail the 8 wallets to family and give the 2 3x5s to the grandparents” but it doesn’t quite get all done. In any event, what a brilliant service!

  30. Ha, In my grandmas 7 boxes, theres every family member at least 50 times. (double prints in case one gets messed up) every animal, every trip shes ever taken. and theres no way shell ever get organized.

  31. I held out on going digital for quit awhile so i have most of my pictures of my first 21 years of married life in boxes old photo albulms.

  32. Photos from my days in the Navy. A photo of the bar where I met my husband in Gaeta Italy while we both were stationed on the same ship. Photos of the 4th of July picnic we used to have at our house when I was little before my parents broke up. Tons of memories to dear to every lose.

  33. I don’t have a box I have a tub of photos, literally. You know the ones that are meant to house holiday decorations. Scary I know. I just never really wanted to deal with them. The images are of everything… babies, family vacations, 22 years of military service and a few candid shots of myself as a teen. Thanks for the chance to deal with my problem. ;}

  34. Which box? I have a box of old photo’s from my grandparents of when they were younger, getting married and WWII photos from my grandfather. Another box(es) is of my childhood. My first hair cut from 1st grade, a corsage from my mom’s baby shower, all the cards from my mom’s baby shower for me, all of my birthday, vacation, school pictures. Finally, I have boxes of pictures of my own children from birth to present, many Disney vacations, baseball games, dance recitals, etc. Please help me I love my pictures!

  35. Scary even to think about going in my box and I should clarify, BIG box of photos. I never know what to do with them and that is why they have been sitting.

  36. Hmmm, good question. I have several smaller boxes of photos scattered here and there. Every time I come across one I think about finding the others so that they can all be in the same place. As you might guess, that never happens. I know there are photos of my son, my parents and grandparents and my childhood as well as a trip to China in the mid 80s. It would be lovely to have them archived in one place but, like Maureen, I don’t know that I’d be able to divest myself of the boxes even then.

  37. Oh, I SO need this! I’m putting together an online photo album of my family and I didn’t have a digital camera for my son’s first two years. I’ve been scanning them all in myself and it’s taking forever!
    My big old box of photos is mostly those first two years of my son’s life and pictures of me and my friends when we were teens.
    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!
    janeener at gmail dot com

  38. In my box, envelopes, and drawers there are pictures of my late brother, pictures from my childhood, pictures from my mother’s childhood, pictures from my children’s lives, pet pictures, husband pictures… I take them because I don’t want to lose the moments and then I put them away and can’t keep track of them all!

  39. Little kids, big kids, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, moms and dads. Family and friends who have moved away, past away or live just down the street. Hundreds of memories of our blended families all put in boxes and albums just waiting to be rediscovered.

  40. Did you say photo box…as in singular? Try 4 boxes and a plastic tub plus various photo albums! My life in pictures from 1978 – 2003, which is when I got my first digital camera.

  41. Braces, hairsprayed hair, and old boyfriends that are better off that way… :o) Wait a minute, do I really want to win this giveaway?… But there are also first steps, curly little heads, and chubby faces.

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