A Safety Jacket for my Phone

Ever since I first covered an Otterbox phone case here two years ago, I have wanted one of these protective cases for my own phone. But, not being an iPhone user, I have been – till recently – forced to covet with no hope of acquiring. But two things happened at once – a few weeks ago – that made this small dream possible. First, I got a new Android phone. Then Otterbox announced a range of cases for lots of phones other than the iPhone or Blackberry. Sweet!


So my Motorola Cliq has been sporting this protective jacket ($34.95) for a couple of weeks now. And I think it would be embarrassed to be seen in public without it. I would certainly worry about it skinning its corners and scratching its screen if it were to go into the world all naked the way I – shocking to me now — let it at first. The case protects and nothing else: It doesn’t add bulk, doesn’t make the phone hard to use, doesn’t get in the way of the keyboard, and doesn’t get in my way. It’s sort of like workout clothes for my phone.

This case is in Otterbox’s Commuter series of covers. So it adds protection but is not quite as tough as the Defender series, which has three layers of protection to guard against bumps and shock. But I’m happy with it.

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