A Mother’s Day Giveaway


I have a Mother’s Day giveaway for you, my GeekGirlfriends readers. It’s not a gadget. Nosirree. Web service? Nope! Gadget case?  Uh uh.  It’s flowers! A dozen roses, in fact. That is so old school, I know. But let’s be honest. A girl can never have too many roses delivered to her door, right?

California Blooms has offered to send a dozen roses — the winner’s choice of color — to one of my readers in time for Mother’s Day. This family-owned farm has grown varietal roses for over seven generations. And, judging from the photos, these flowers are stunning. The grower uses eco-friendly methods that reduce energy and water consumption in the growing process. And your flowers will be delivered to you within 24 hours of being hand-selected and cut so that every bloom you get will be as fresh as possible.

Oh, and there is a tech angle: if you love the flowers, you can order some for your mother using the grower’s iPhone app.

So, here’s what you do to enter. Tell me, in the comments to this post, what’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day. So easy.

Good luck!

This giveaway is closed! Matt won it. He is sending his mother a dozen red rosed. (I hope I’m not spoiling a surprise by saying so….)

17 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. That is just so beautiful!! California Blooms really did a good job there for Matt. And what’s interesting is that they have an app for it. I have only been using puzzle game apps on my iPad though. If you have tried Tetris or Bejeweled, you would really be interested to try out StarFaces. Certainly one of the best iPad app. I had played this game on my iphone for a while and now I have it for ipad and its great! Love the photos option

  2. Baking “French Breakfast Puffs” with my boys and sharing with my friends while watching a great soccer match in this gorgeous California sun!

  3. I want breakfast in bed for my whole family – we usually run 100 miles an hour during the week, so Sunday mornings are our time for “Family bed.”

  4. I’d love an iPad, but since that’s not practical right now, I’d be perfectly happy with sleeping in… read: past 7! 😉 …and a couple of hours by myself at the bookstore. But loving on my kids would be just as sweet!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your readers! Thanks for all the ways you help keep us moms tech savvy!

  5. My son is in Afghanistan,active service. My prayer is always peace,safety,cooperation. My wish is a small phone call. I’m pretty sure I’ll be glued to the phone just in case on Mother’s Day. With these roses I would reverse Mother’s Day and send themas a thankyou to my daughter-in-law, my son’s young and equally anxious wife across the U.S. since her daily phone calls are a touchstone of love and faith.

  6. I would like comfy headphones for my mp3 player, an herb garden, and for my kids to do their chores! I probably won’t get any of them! LOL

  7. As I was checking your website, my son Alex decided to peek over my shoulder and saw the flowers. He asked me to write for him and as Mom’s do we’re always there to help.

    Alex says “I love my mom and I think I would like to make her happy by trying to get some flowers for her but I’m only 9 so I can’t buy her flowers because I don’t have enough money. She would like pink and red roses.”

  8. I’m not a mom but I send flowers to my mom every mothers day. This is a nice contest.


  9. My mother’s day wish is to get to have one last day with my mom. We lost her this past November. After her death we found out that she’d been working on so many issues that clouded our relationships with her. If only we’d known! I wish I could tell her face to face that I’m proud of her work on some difficult things, and I love her!

  10. To see my mom smile. She has been having a hard time dealing with unexpected surgery, postponed surgery for new unexpected health problems and now alzheimers. Alot to deal with in your mid 70’s! Alot to get you down and not much to smile about. It would be nice for her to look at something beautiful besides me. Ha ha! A smile on her face would be a very uplifting change.

  11. My mother’s day wish is special this year. I’m flying to Florida to pack my mother up and drive her back to NJ in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with us. So my wish is that we make the trip safe and sound (and on time).

  12. My wish list for this Mother’s Day is spending the day with my Mom. I’m not a Mom myself (not in the traditional sense, I have “fur-babies”), but I value Mother’s Day and love spending the day with my Mom, Dad and siblings. Every Mother’s Day, my Mom, Sister and me meet our Aunts and cousins and participate in a 5k walk for Susan G. Komen. My Aunt is now a 15-year breast cancer survivor so we celebrate her life every year and the lives of all of our Mom’s. We then spend the rest of the day having a nice lunch, catching up on our lives and enjoying the day. It’s a great way to spend Mother’s Day and I look forward to it every year. If I could make a wish for my Mom, I know her favorite thing would be a trip to the beach – who wouldn’t love that??!!

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