A Lap Desk for my New Laptop


My husband bought me a sweet, shiny red laptop for my birthday so like any normal girl-geek, I’m now thinking in terms of accessories. The bag, of course, should come first but I’m saving that for later. In fact, in honor of my new laptop, I’m planning a series on bags so look for that soon.

Since so far I mostly use this laptop to sneak off and hide in quiet rooms to write, I have fallen in love all over again with the Belkin Cushtop that the company sent me last year. It makes the laptop-in-bed thing much more comfortable for both my laptop and me and provides me a place to neatly stash the cord when I’m storing the rig on rickety bedroom furniture.


As it happens, just as I embraced my old Cushtop, Belkin announced a new one (pictured below) and a range of new laptop accessories today.

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6 thoughts on “A Lap Desk for my New Laptop

  1. I have the old style lap desk in green. It’s perfect. I had a bigger one with a detachable cushion and a hard wood top, but it wound up being too wide to sit in chairs that had arms. That new one is about the same size as my laptop, which allows me to sit in any chair inside or outside (including the patio loungers). It’s also thick enough to keep my lap from getting hot.

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