A Jacket with Pockets for All the Tech



I love the OTG Jacket from SCOTTeVEST. We all live in a world where we carry our phone — and probably a wallet and keys — everywhere we go, right? But, for reasons I do not understand, women’s clothing continues to lack adequate pockets for this stuff. Am I supposed to carry a purse when I go on a hike? Just because I wear women’s clothing?

Scott (who I know from my early days in tech when he launched SCOTTeVEST with some seriously dorky pocket vests for men) gets this. And SCOTTeVEST has evolved over the years to make some awesome garments that also happen to have enough pockets to stash everything you carry — water bottle, keys, phone, Kindle, whatever. There are so many pockets that each garment comes with a pocket map and the pockets are filled with cards explaining their intended use. Of course, you can use them for whatever you like.

I keep my phone in the interior phone pocket, my slim wallet in the breast pocket, my keys clipped to the built-in key-chain, and doggy bags in the big interior pocket. This jacket has become my go-to winter dog walking apparel. It is amazing and I am told looks very cute on me.

It’s on sale today. Scott’s birthday is on Monday so SCOTTeVEST is extending the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale to run through 11/28. Use the code Cyber16 at SCOTTeVEST.