Once upon a time, romance was something geeks could only dream about. Made socially unacceptable by a propensity to be overly enthusiastic about technology, we geeks of yore were social outcasts. In those olden times, we kept our geekiness quiet in order to enjoy the company of handsome men, wine, dining, and an excess of chocolate. But these days, geeks are sex symbols. Smart is in. Yes, even for women. (Just let me have this.) So there is no shame in planning a Valentine’s Day that flaunts an enthusiasm for technology. So here is a sexy geek girl’s guide to plotting a successful V-Day.

Watch Hysteria


Neo Victorian technical innovation, corsets, hilarity, a dash of historical fact, an excess of prim(ish) sexual misadventure, and a great character (played by the marvelously languorous yet geeky Rupert Everett) who decides to solve an epidemic of female sexual frustration brought on by prudish times with technology. A geek’s delight. Also, laughing that much about sex is sure to relax you and your date. And the movie – on the whole — it’s also quite romantic.

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

If you haven’t yet figured out how to stream an on-demand movie from Amazon, Netflix, or Vudu to your TV, take the plunge and get a Roku! .

Make a Playlist

The modern equivalent of the “mix tape,” the playlist is so much easier – if you have the right geeky tools that is. Don’t spoil the mood by jumping up to switch CDs. Don’t apologize lamely for having no way to play music. This isn’t difficult anymore. Use Rhapsody, Pandora, iHeartRadio, or something. And set the music to play until you stop it.

If you are still using the stereo you bought in the 90s, it is time to get a Sonos Wireless Music System.


Sonos Wireless Music Player

Get a New Toy

Romantic dinner, chocolates, flowers. It’s all leading to the same place, right? Cut to the chase, skip the flowers, and get something that says, “We are so not falling asleep in front of the TV tonight.” You’ll have fun shopping, too, at AdamEvetoys.com. And, if you just watched Hysteria, take a minute to think about how far that technology has come.


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