I have spent a good part of the last few months researching the future for a series of articles in Family Circle. One of those stories — The Future Home — is live at FamilyCircle.com and in print in the March issue. (It looks great in print. Please go pick up a copy!) In the process of talking to researchers, academics, engineers, product developers, and technology companies I got very excited about what’s in store for the home in the coming years.

I know this probably makes me a dork but the technical advances I’m most excited about are those that will keep my house and goods clean with no effort from me. Check out the story and tell me what technology you plan to buy the minute it’s available. Me? I want a closet that cleans my clothes when I hang them up.

GE helped me with that story and sent me some videos this morning about some of the cool technology that is already available in their new washers. So I’m sharing one here (above). Enjoy. That is one tough granny.

One thought on “A Geek for Clean”

  1. 3D printers are what I’m most excited by out of any future technology. The main reason is that the cost of shipping and handling often times makes purchasing an item online not worth the cost. However, once 3D printing becomes cheaper and more sophisticated then the sky really is the limit.

    Just imagine printing out that new book the instant it becomes available. Or printing dolls and toys for your kids. Or even printing food. And really… It’s just a matter of time before all that is possible. It’s going to be a scary and exciting time.

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